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Gripping sailor's hitch

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Category  Hitch
Releasing  Non-jamming
Gripping sailor's hitch
Related  Sailor's hitch, rolling hitch, Icicle hitch
Typical use  Tie one rope to another rope, boom, spar, shaft, etc., and pull lengthwise.

The gripping sailor's hitch is a secure, jam-proof friction hitch used to tie one rope to another, or a rope to a pole, boom, spar, etc., when the pull is lengthwise along the object. It will even grip a tapered object, such as a marlin spike, in the direction of taper, similar to the Icicle hitch, but superior. It is much superior to the rolling hitch for that purpose. It is also known as Michoacan/Martin among friction knots used in climbing; both ends are then made to carry weight.


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