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Grinna Lighthouse

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Foundation  stone basement
Markings / pattern  red tower and lantern
Address  7900 Rørvik, Norway
Opened  1904
Year first constructed  1904
Construction  cast iron tower
Focal height  23 metres (75 ft)
Height  19 m
Automated  1987
Grinna Lighthouse
Location  Vikna Nord-Trøndelag Norway
Tower shape  cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Similar  Gjeslingene Lighthouse, Nordøyan Lighthouse, Buholmråsa Lighthouse, Ellingråsa Lighthouse, Kya Lighthouse

Grinna Lighthouse (Norwegian: Grinna fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Vikna in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. It was established in 1904 and automated in 1987. Grinna lighthouse stands on the islet of Grinna in the South Gjæslingan island group on the north side of the Foldafjord. The 19-metre (62 ft) high red tower emits a light every six seconds. The white occulting light flashes every six seconds, and it can be seen for about 12.5 nautical miles (23.2 km; 14.4 mi).


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