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Grillenburg (Harz)

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Type  lowland castle
Condition  ruins
Code  DE-ST
Built  ca. 1217
Grillenburg (Harz)
Height  0 m above sea level (NN)
Materials  rusticated ashlar and brick
Address  Am Schloßberg 5, 06526 Sangerhausen, Germany

The Grillenburg is a ruined medieval castle in Grillenberg in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. It was a small knight's castle built for a ministerialis.


The village of Grillenberg was mentioned as early as 880/890 in the Hersfeld tithe register (Hersfelder Zehntverzeichnis). At that time there is no indication of a castle, however. The latter was first recorded when, in 1217, a certain Tidericus de Grellenberch is named as a vassal of the Archbishopric of Magdeburg. The lower parts of the walls of the ruin, made of large rusticated ashlars, must date back to the original Romanesque fortification. In 1286 the marshals (Burgmannen) from the Muser and von Morungen families are named.

In 1347 the Margrave of Meißen, Frederick the Serious, purchased the estate back from the Duke of Brunswick who by then were the joint landlords together with the Margraviate of Landsberg. During the Halberstadt Bishops' Feud, which was prosecuted by Bishop Albert II of Brunswick (1325-1358) against territorial lords within the Harz region, mainly against the counts of Regenstein, the castle was fought over. It was captured by the Count of Mansfeld in 1362. It is possible that the fieldwork about 100 metres east of the castle was established at that time as a counterwork (Gegenbefestigung).

The second phase of construction recognisable in the wall materials and characterised by brickwork is assessed by the sources as dating to the 14th century.

In 1366 Duke Magnus of Brunswick was the owner of the castle. He exercised from here his rights of patronage over Sittichenbach Abbey. In 1485 the castle once more belonged to the prince-elector, Ernest of Saxony. From him it went into the hands of the Count of Mansfeld.

From at least 1486 the lords of Morungen were vassals at the castle. In 1547 on the death of George of Morungen the lordship fell as an expired fief to the Saxon district (Amt of Sangerhausen. At that time the castle was already falling into decay. The date when it was finally abandoned is unknown.


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