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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Melianthaceae
Order  Geraniales
Rank  Genus
Greyia Greyia sutherlandii Kumbula Indigenous Nursery
Similar  Greyia radlkoferi, Greyia flanaganii, Melianthaceae, Francoaceae, Francoa

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Greyia is a genus of plant in family Melianthaceae. It contains three species:


  • Greyia flanaganii, Bolus
  • Greyia radlkoferi
  • Greyia sutherlandii
  • Unlike other members of the Melianthaceae, Greyia has simple (undivided) leaves, flowers with ten stamens, and ovaries with parietal placentation. Because of this, the genus has sometimes been placed in a separate family Greyiaceae, but under the APG II system of classification, it is included in the Melianthaceae.

    Greyia Greyia Wikipedia

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    Greyia Greyia radlkoferi plant lust
    Greyia Greyia radlkoferi Melianthaceae Transvaal Bottlebrush Transvaalse
    Greyia Greyia radlkoferi plant lust


    Greyia Wikipedia

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