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Grevillea 'Molly'

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Cultivar  'Molly'
Origin  Selected in Queensland
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Hybrid parentage  Grevillea aurea × Grevillea bipinnatifida
Similar  Grevillea 'Orange Marmalade', Grevillea bipinnatifida, Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon', Grevillea 'Honey Gem', Grevillea dimorpha

Grevillea 'Molly' is a grevillea cultivar first made available to the public in 2003. It is a cross between G. aurea and G. bipinnatifida, chosen from seedlings which were bred by Owen Brown of Golden Beach, Queensland in 1997.

It is a dense shrub that grows to 1–3 m (3–10 ft) high. It has deeply divided yellow-green leaves, around 15 centimetres (5.9 in) long by 15 centimetres (5.9 in) wide. Prominently displayed above the foliage, the deep pink inflorescences resemble those of G. 'Robyn Gordon'.


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