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Greenwood Cemetery (Jackson, Mississippi)

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NRHP Reference #  84000474
Designated USMS  August 1, 1984
Area  8 ha
Added to NRHP  20 December 1984
USMS #  049-JAC-0331-NR-ML
Address  Jackson, MS 39202, USA
Year built  1822
Greenwood Cemetery (Jackson, Mississippi)
Location  Bounded by West, Davis, Lamar and George Sts., Jackson, Mississippi
Burials  Eudora Welty, William Barksdale, William Wirt Adams
Similar  Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Autumn Woods Memorial, Lakewood Memorial Park, Jackson Cemeteries, Lakewood

Greenwood Cemetery is a cemetery located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. Still in use, it was established by a federal land grant on November 21, 1821. It was originally known simply as "The Graveyard" and later as "City Cemetery" before the present name was adopted in 1899. It is the final resting place of Confederate generals, former governors of Mississippi, mayors of Jackson, as well as other notable figures, the most recent of whom is internationally acclaimed author Eudora Welty. The graves of over 100 "unknown" Confederate soldiers are also located here. Greenwood Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Mississippi Landmark in 1984.


The "garden park" type cemetery contains the largest collection of everblooming "own root" (not grafted) antique and modern shrubs roses in the country - several hundred shrubs representing over 40 named cultivars - as well as numerous hardy bulbs and other flowering shrubs and trees.

Confederate generals

  • Daniel Weisiger Adams
  • William Wirt Adams
  • William Barksdale
  • Samuel Wragg Ferguson
  • Richard Griffith
  • James Argyle Smith
  • Mississippi governors

  • George Poindexter
  • Abram Marshall Scott
  • Charles Lynch
  • Alexander Gallatin McNutt
  • Albert Gallatin Brown
  • John Isaac Guion
  • William Lewis Sharkey
  • Others

  • Edmund Richardson
  • Erasmus R. Burt
  • James D. Lynch
  • Eudora Welty
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