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Great Offensive

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Dates  26 Aug 1922 – 9 Sep 1922
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2,318 killed, 9,360 wounded, 1,697 missing and 101 prisonersTotal 13,476  By 7 September50,000 (35,000 killed and wounded, 15,000 prisoners)Total 100,000
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The Great Offensive (Turkish: Büyük Taarruz) was the largest and final military operation of the Turkish War of Independence, fought between the Turkish Armed Forces loyal to the government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Kingdom of Greece, during the Greco-Turkish War. The offensive began on 26 August 1922 with the Battle of Dumlupınar, and Turkish troops reached the sea on 9 September with the recapture of İzmir. It ended on 18 September 1922 with the liberation of Erdek and Biga. The Turks amassed around 104,000 men, the largest number since the beginning of the war, to begin the offensive on 26 August and drive the Greek army of over 200,000 men out of western Anatolia. A pursuit operation began on a 400-kilometre-wide (250-mile) front.

The Turkish units marched for 10 days (from 31 August to 9 September), covering a distance of 300 km (190 mi) while fighting Greek troops. The Turkish army lacked motorized vehicles; its forces consisted of infantry and cavalry units, and logistical support was provided by a supply system based on ox carts. Within two weeks, the Turkish army drove the Greek forces out of Anatolia. From 26 August to 9 September the Turks chased the fleeing Greeks 400 km (250 mi) to İzmir, which was later abandoned by Greek troops. The Greek Occupation of Smyrna, which began in May 1919, ended on 9 September 1922 with the liberation of İzmir. The Great Offensive ended on 18 September 1922 with the liberation of Erdek and Biga.


After Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's order issued in the Forces of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the main part of the Turkish Army began moving toward İzmir and a secondary force began moving from Eskişehir toward Bursa. On 7 September, Aydın, Germencik and Kuşadası were liberated. On 16 September the last Greek troops left Çeşme, and two days later the Greek III Corps left Erdek. The British Chief of Staff expressed his admiration of the Turkish military operation.


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