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Granddad Bandit

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Granddad Bandit

Granddad Bandit Granddad Bandit pleads guilty to string of bank heists CNNcom

Candice Rose Martinez, Joseph Brodak, Clarence Hill (murderer)

Fbi granddad bandit captured in la

The Granddad Bandit is a serial bank robber, notable for both his age and proficiency at robbing banks. From 2008 to 2010, he robbed at least 21 banks in the Eastern and Central United States. He was nicknamed the "Granddad Bandit" because of his age, appearance, and manner of dress. He robs bank by handing a note demanding cash to the teller. He did not use a disguise during the robberies other than sometimes wearing a hat. He was wanted in 12 states and by the FBI. He surrendered peacefully on August 13, 2010 after a 6-hour standoff with police and FBI agents. He was positively identified as 52-year-old Michael Francis Mara. At 18, Mara was convicted of embezzlement, grand larceny and other charges. He also pretended to be a sheriff when he rented a car but never returned it. In 1985, he robbed a bank in California. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison on May 11, 2011. He should not be confused with the "Grandpa Bandit", a different man who robbed 7 banks in Oregon in late 2009, and has since been caught.

Granddad Bandit Granddad Bandit captured in Baton Rouge FBI says NOLAcom


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