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Grade II listed buildings in Liverpool L2

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Grade II listed buildings in Liverpool-L2

Liverpool is a city and port in Merseyside, England, which contains many listed buildings. A listed building is a structure designated by English Heritage of being of architectural and/or of historical importance and, as such, is included in the National Heritage List for England. There are three grades of listing, according to the degree of importance of the structure. Grade I includes those buildings that are of "exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important"; the buildings in Grade II* are "particularly important buildings of more than special interest"; and those in Grade II are "nationally important and of special interest". Very few buildings are included in Grade I — only 2.5% of the total. Grade II* buildings represent 5.5% of the total, while the great majority, 92%, are included in Grade II.

Liverpool contains more than 1,550 listed buildings, of which 28 are in Grade I, 109 in Grade II*, and the rest in Grade II. This list contains the Grade II listed buildings in the L2 postal district of Liverpool. This area of the city formed the major commercial hub of the city during the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the great majority of the buildings in this list result from that historical period, being office buildings or warehouses. Most of these are located in the major commercial streets; Dale Street, Castle Street, Victoria Street, and North John Street. The other structures in the list include a church and associated structures, public houses, a monument, a fountain, ventilation stations for one of the Mersey Road Tunnels, a former fruit exchange, a war memorial, and two telephone kiosks.

Grade II listed buildings from other areas in the city can be found through the template on the right, along with the lists of the Grade I and Grade II* buildings in the city.


Grade II listed buildings in Liverpool-L2 Wikipedia

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