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Grace Ellery Channing

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Name  Grace Channing

Role  Writer
Books  The Sister of a Saint: And Other Stories, War Letters of Edmond Genet - Scholar's Choice Edition

Any Woman To A Soldier | Grace Ellery Channing | Culture & Heritage | Book | English

Grace Ellery Channing (1862–1937) was a writer and poet who published often in The Land of Sunshine.

Channing moved from Providence, Rhode Island to Southern California in the late 1880s as part of a successful bid to cure her lung troubles. Her poetry and other writing was influenced by three years in Italy in the early 1890s and by her time living in Southern California.

She became an associate editor of The Land of Sunshine, and in her tenure as a writer and poet contributor to the publication, advocated for an increased reliance on Mediterranean practices for Los Angelenos. This included embracing the sun instead of avoiding it, eating lighter food, and taking in wine and afternoon naps.

Channing married Charles Walter Stetson soon after his divorce from Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1894.

Channing was good friends with Gilman, and the three continued to have a good relations after the divorce and marriage. Stetson and Gilman's daughter Katherine went to live with Channing and Gilman when she was 9.


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