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Governors of British Ceylon

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Style  His/Her Excellency
Precursor  Governor of Zeylan
Residence  Government House
Formation  Aug 1795
Governors of British Ceylon
Appointer  Monarch of the United Kingdom
First holder  Patrick Alexander Agnew as Military Governor

The Governor of Ceylon was an official who ruled British Ceylon during the British colonial period between 1798 and 1948.

Upon the end of British rule and the creation of Dominion of Ceylon in 1948, this office was replaced by the Governor-General, who represented the British Monarch and not the Government of the United Kingdom as did the Governor. The office of Governor-General was itself abolished in 1972 and replaced by the post of President when Sri Lanka became a Republic.

The Governor

The Governor, appointed by the British monarch (on the advice of the prime minister), maintained executive power in Ceylon throughout British rule. He was head of the executive council and the pre-independence government of Ceylon.

The Governor was the most powerful official in Ceylon, except only during World War II, when Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton was appointed Commander-in-Chief, Ceylon with power exceeding that of the Governor. The Governor was the ex-officio Chancellor of the University of Ceylon.


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