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Goodbye Solo (TV series)

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Genre  Romance Drama Mystery
Country of origin  South Korea
First episode date  1 March 2006
Language  Korean

Written by  Noh Hee-kyung
Original language(s)  Korean
Final episode date  20 April 2006
Number of seasons  1
Goodbye Solo (TV series) Goodbye Solo AsianWiki
Directed by  Ki Min-soo Hwang In-hyuk
Starring  Chun Jung-myung Yoon So-yi Kim Min-hee Bae Jong-ok Lee Jae-ryong Kim Nam-gil Na Moon-hee
Networks  Korean Broadcasting System, KBS2
Cast  Kim Min‑hee, Chun Jung‑myung, Kim Nam‑gil, Yoon So‑yi, Bae Jong‑ok
Similar  More Beautiful Than A Fl, Resurrection, Great Inheritance, Conspiracy in the Court, What's Up Fox

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Goodbye Solo (Hangul: 굿바이 솔로; RR: Gutbai Sollo) is a 2006 South Korean television series starring Chun Jung-myung, Yoon So-yi, Kim Min-hee, Bae Jong-ok, Lee Jae-ryong, Kim Nam-gil (credited as Lee Han), and Na Moon-hee. It aired on KBS2 from March 1 to April 20, 2006 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.


Goodbye Solo (TV series) Goodbye Solo Korean Drama 2006 HanCinema The

In the urban melodrama, seven lead characters of different generations and backgrounds are all haunted by loneliness; they gradually interact and form a "family" borne out of emotional connection and mutual understanding.

Renowned for her in-depth, realistic portrayals of ordinary lives, writer Noh Hee-kyung said that the drama's theme is that all human beings are beautiful just the way they are, simply by existing in the world.

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Goodbye Solo (TV series) Goodbye Solo KBS2 2006 A Koala39s Playground

Kim Min-ho (Chun Jung-myung) is the son of a rich business tycoon, but works as a bartender. Because he is illegitimate, he feels estranged from his family, and has a strained relationship with his father (Jang Yong), his older brother Min-jae (Kim Hyun-kyun), and especially his mother (Jung Ae-ri). Min-ho has been secretly in love for a long time with Chung Soo-hee (Yoon So-yi), an artist who is also the girlfriend of his best friend, Yoo Ji-an (Kim Nam-gil). Soo-hee despises her mother for her constantly changing partners, and thus is determined to be faithful to Ji-an, despite her growing attraction to Min-ho. Ji-an works as a secretary for Min-ho's father and his lies hide painful family secrets. Cheerful, seemingly frivolous Choi Mi-ri (Kim Min-hee) is a restaurant owner who is living with third-rate gangster Kang Ho-chul (Lee Jae-ryong). Despite their love for each other, Mi-ri agonizes over Ho-chul's refusal to marry her and her family's disapproval. Oh Young-sook (Bae Jong-ok), who calls herself "crazy," is a flamboyant and eccentric divorcee who recently moved next door to Mi-ri and Ho-chul's apartment. All these people are linked together by an old woman named Mi-young (Na Moon-hee), the mysterious owner of an eatery in the neighborhood, who hasn't spoken a single word in decades.

Main characters

Goodbye Solo (TV series) staticdramastylecomimages151277GoodbyeSolo
  • Chun Jung-myung as Kim Min-ho
  • Yoon So-yi as Chung Soo-hee
  • Kim Min-hee as Choi Mi-ri
  • Bae Jong-ok as Oh Young-sook
  • Lee Jae-ryong as Kang Ho-chul
  • Kim Nam-gil (credited as Lee Han) as Yoo Ji-an
  • Na Moon-hee as Mi-young
  • Supporting characters

    Goodbye Solo (TV series) Goodbye Solo Korean Drama 2006 HanCinema The
  • Jang Yong as Kim Joo-min
  • Jung Ae-ri as Park Kyung-hye
  • Kim Hyun-kyun as Kim Min-jae
  • Uhm Soo-jung as Im Ji-soo
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Ahn Hae-young
  • Yoon Yoo-sun as Lee Mi-ja
  • Park Ji-il as Young-sook's husband
  • Kim Tae-hoon as Shin Sik
  • Jang Tae-sung as Moodugi
  • Joo Jin-mo as Ji-ahn's father
  • So Do-bi as Yong-woon
  • References

    Goodbye Solo (TV series) Wikipedia