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Goldenberg restaurant attack

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Non-fatal injuries  22
No. of participants  2 or more
Location  Paris, France
Total number of deaths  6
Location  Paris
Perpetrators  Abu Nidal Organization
Date  9 August 1982
Perpetrator  Abu Nidal Organization
Attack type  Bomb
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Similar  1980 Paris synagogue bombing, 1995 Paris Métro and RER bom, 1996 Paris Métro bombing, 2002 Karachi bus bomb, Toulouse and Montaub

The Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant attack was a bombing and shooting attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris's Marais district, on 9 August 1982 carried out by the Abu Nidal Organization, a group that splintered from Fatah. Two assailants threw a grenade into the dining room, then rushed in and fired machine guns. They killed six people, including two Americans, Ann Van Zanten, a curator at the Chicago Historical Society, and Grace Cutler, and injured 22 others. Mrs. Van Zanten's husband, David, an art history professor at Northwestern University, was among the injured. BusinessWeek later said it was "the heaviest toll suffered by Jews in France since World War II." The restaurant closed in 2006 and former owner Jo Goldenberg died in 2014.

Although the Abu Nidal Organization had long been suspected, suspects from the group were only definitively identified, 32 years after the attacks, in evidence given by two former Abu Nidal members granted anonymity by French judges.

In March 2015, French authorities said that an international arrest warrant had been issued in connection with the case for three men who belonged to the organization. The suspects were identified as living in Norway, Jordan and Ramallah in the Palestinian territories. Walid Abdulrahman Abou Zayed, 56, who has become a Norwegian citizen and is unlikely to be extradited or face charges in Norway, and Mahmoud Khader Abed, 59, living in Ramallah are still being sought.

In June 2015, a Palestinian named Zuhair Mohammed Hassan Khalid al-Abbasi, also known as “Amiad Atta,” was arrested in Jordan, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, which also said that France has requested extradition. On June 17, Jordan released al-Abbasi on bail.


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