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Godunov is a Russian surname.

Godunov can refer to the following:

Two Tsars of Russia and their kin:

  • Tsar Boris Fyodorovich Godunov a regent of Russia from 1584 to 1598 and then tsar from 1598 to 1605
  • Tsar Fyodor Borisovich Godunov son of Tsar Boris Godunov, ruled less than a year as Feodor II after his father's death in 1605; murdered in June the same year
  • Xenia Borisovna Godunova (later the Nun Olga) daughter of Tsar Boris Godunov
  • Irina Feodorovna Godunova (later the Nun Alexandra) wife of Tsar Feodor I Ivanovich and sister of Tsar Boris Godunov
  • Sergei Konstantinovich Godunov a Russian born mathematician who contributed to Finite volume method
  • Godunov's scheme, a mathematical method invented by the above
  • Aleksandr Borisovich Godunov was a Russian ballet dancer and actor
  • Petr Ivanovich Godunov a Siberian governor
  • Godunov map created by the above
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