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Gnaeus Papirius Aelianus

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Gnaeus Papirius Gal. Aelianus Aemilius Tuscillus was a governor of Roman Britain in 146.

A. R. Birley notes two fragmentary inscriptions recorded at Iliberris, which leads him to conclude Aelianus was a native of the town. Birley further identifies Aelianus as the governor of Dacia Superior named on a building inscription dated to 132 at Sarmizegetusa. Two different military diplomas attest he was suffect consul with Publius Rutilius Fabianus in November-December 135.

Little is known of his tenure in Britain, although Aelianus was probably in charge of the occupation of the Scottish Lowlands following its reconquest by Quintus Lollius Urbicus. This may have been peaceful as he was able to spare troops to take part in the Moorish campaign of 145-7.

Nothing is known of Aelianus after 146; Birley notes "it may be presumed that the homonymous cos. ord. 184 was his grandson.


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