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Glide Foundation

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The Glide Foundation is a charity organization based in San Francisco, California, USA, and while it is co-located with Glide Church (Actual full name is a Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, legally they are very separate entities. To a "client" accessing any of Glide's services, it all just seems like one entity = Glide. However, legally speaking these are two separate entities with separate Boards of Directors, etc. The Glide Foundation is the legal entity that most of the money flows through (City, State, and Federal grants and subsidies, and the Foundation is not a church, but a charitable organization. In this way, most of the concerns about the separation of Church and State, that some may have, are addressed by having two legal entities, even though they share the same floor. The vast majority of the $14 million per year budget (as of 10/2013) of "Glide", actually flows through the Foundation, on its way to the clients.

This Foundation shares lots of assets, staff, and facilities, but the whole purpose of the Foundation is to create a "Chinese Firewall" between entities in order to best serve their respective donor bases. It is known for working with investor Warren Buffett who has donated the proceeds from his eBay "Power Lunch with Warren Buffett" auctions to Glide. The winning bid in 2006 was $620,100, won by Duan Yongping, a California investor. In 2008, Mohnish Pabrai won the auction for $650,100. The 2009 auction was won with a bid of $1.68 million by an anonymous bidder In 2011 an anonymous bidder paid $2,626,411 for a lunch with Buffet. The June 9, 2012 auction for lunch with Buffett yielded a record figure of $3,456,789; the highest figure paid for lunch with the investor. The Glide auction's winners traditionally dine with Buffett at New York's Smith and Wollensky steak house. The restaurant donates at least $10,000 to Glide each year to host the auction lunch.

Mission statement

Glide's mission is to break the cycles of multi-generational dependency, poverty, and low self-worth by providing a spiritual home of unconditional love. Glide strives to create a healthy community by offering effective services that foster holistic healing in an environment of cultural integrity and diversity.


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