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Glass (surname)

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Glass or Glaß is a Scottish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alice Glass (born 1988), vocalist of Crystal Castles
  • H. Bentley Glass (1906–2005), American geneticist
  • Butch Glass (1898–1972), American Negro League baseball player
  • Caitlin Glass (born 1981), American voice actress
  • Carter Glass (1858–1946), American politician
  • Charles Glass, American broadcaster
  • Cheryl Linn Glass (1961-1997), American race-car driver
  • Darren Glass (born 1981), Australian rules footballer
  • David D. Glass, Kansas City Royals owner
  • David Glass (Canadian politician) (1829–1906), Canadian lawyer
  • David Glass (sociologist) (1911–1978), English sociologist
  • Deborah Glass, Deputy Chair of the UK's Independent Police Complaints Commission
  • Franklin Potts Glass, Sr. (1858–1934), American publisher
  • Fridolin Glass (1910–1943), Austrian Nazi activist and SS officer
  • Gene V. Glass (born 1940), American statistician and education researcher
  • George Glass (1910–1984), American film producer and publicist
  • Gerald Glass (born 1967), American former basketball player
  • Geri Glass (born 1949), American model
  • Harold Glass (1918–1989), Australian judge and jurist
  • Harry Glaß (1930–1997), German ski jumper
  • Helen Glass (born 1917), Canadian nurse and educator
  • Henry Glass (disambiguation), several people with this name
  • Henry Glaß (born 1953), German ski jumper
  • Henry Glass (admiral), Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
  • Henry P. Glass, Austrian-born American architect and industrial designer
  • Hugh Glass (1780–1833), fur trapper and frontiersman
  • Ira Glass (born 1959), host of This American Life
  • Jeff Glass (athlete) (born 1962), Canadian hurdler
  • Jeff Glass (ice hockey) (born 1985), American Hockey League goaltender
  • Jesse Glass (born 1954), American writer and poet
  • Jimmy Glass (born 1973), English former football goalkeeper
  • Joanna Glass (born 1936), Canadian playwright
  • Julia Glass (born 1956), American writer
  • Kim Glass (born 1984), American volleyball player
  • Leslie Glass (model) (1963–2000), American model and porn performer
  • Louis Glass (1864–1936), Danish composer
  • Max Glass (1881-1965), Austrian film producer
  • Pat Glass (born 1957), British politician (MP for North West Durham)
  • Philip Glass (born 1937), minimalist composer
  • Presley T. Glass (1824–1902), American politician
  • Ron Glass (1945–2016), American actor
  • Shaun Glass, guitarist for the band SOiL
  • Solomon Glass (1893–1973), philatelist of Baltimore, Maryland
  • Stephen Glass (born 1972), disgraced journalist
  • Stephen Glass (footballer) (born 1976), Scottish footballer
  • Tanner Glass (born 1983), Pittsburgh Penguins center
  • Todd Glass (born 1964), American Stand-up Comedian
  • Walter Glaß (1905–1981), German skier
  • A number of J. D. Salinger's short stores also featured members of a fictional Glass family.


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