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Gisela, daughter of Louis the Pious

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Name  Gisela, of
Died  July 1, 874 AD

Parents  Louis the Pious
Children  Adelardo
Cousins  Bernard of Italy, Atala, daughter of Pippin of Italy
Grandparents  Charlemagne, Hildegard of the Vinzgau
Similar People  Louis the Pious, Judith of Bavaria, Hildegard of the Vinzgau, Lothair I, Louis the German

Gisela (born 821) was the youngest daughter of Louis the Pious and his second wife, Judith of Bavaria. She married the powerful and influential Eberhard, Duke of Friuli, later canonized as Saint Eberhard, with whom she had several children including King Berengar I of Italy, Margrave of Friuli. Gisela was renowned for her piety and virtue, much like her namesake, Gisela (the sister of Charlemagne), who had chosen the religious life from girlhood.

Her dowry consisted of many rich domains including the fisc of Cysoing; located at the center of the country of Pèvele, Cysoing was one of the most beautiful fiscs in the region and became one of her and Eberhard's regular residences. They founded a monastery there, which was not completed until after their deaths.

The nunnery San Salvatore was given to her after Ermengarde, wife of Lothair I. For a time she served as both abbess and rectrix.

She dedicated herself to the education of her and Eberhard's many children.


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