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Girolando cattle

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Scientific name  Bos taurus
Higher classification  Cattle
Origin  Brazil
Rank  Breed
Girolando cattle | milk production

Similar  Gyr cattle, Nelore, Guzerat, Brahman, Canchim

Girolando cruces de gir con holandes hacienda agro jc tvagro por juan gonzalo angel

The Girolando is a breed of dairy cattle created in Brazil by crossing Gyr cattle, a Bos indicus breed which is resistant to hot temperatures and tropical diseases, with Holstein cows, a Bos taurus breed. Approximately 80% of the milk production in Brazil is produced from Girolando cows. A Girolando is 3/8 Gir and 5/8 Holstein.

Girolando cattle walking on a cemented floor
The outstanding offspring of the Extraordinary Quartinha Terra Vermelha
Girolando cattle in a grassy field

Girolando cattle inside a fence

Girolando cattle is mainly produced in Brazil and is gaining popularity | Photo courtesy of Girolando da Setão, www.gruposertao.com.br

Girolando cattle | Photo courtesy of Fazenda Morro Da Mandioca, www.morrodamandioca.com.br


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