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Girls: Selfish

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Released  25 November 2004
Artist  Kumi Koda
Label  Rhythm Zone
Recorded  2004
Release date  25 November 2004
Genres  J-pop, Rhythm and blues
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Girls Selfish (2004)  Secret First Class Limited Live (2005)
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Girls: Selfish (stylized as girls ~Selfish~) is the second music video DVD from Japanese artist Koda Kumi and first DVD single. It was released on November 25, 2004 and was the prelude to her fourth studio album secret.



girls ~selfish~ was Kumi Koda's first attempt at releasing a DVD single. It failed to chart on Oricon, but all of the videos would later be placed on her next album, secret.

The three music videos on the DVD share the similar theme of the long process of meeting, falling in love, and then breaking up. Koda Kumi chose to focus on the jealous-side and possessiveness women experience over love, which is most apparent in the video for Selfish. Despite the similar theme, the videos are not intertwined and each stand alone.

The song 24 (track #3) was the first time Koda Kumi released a song with an entire chorus in English, which was written and composed by Hitoshi Shimono. She would later work with Hitoshi again for her 2006 song feel.

Due to the failure of the DVD single format, Kumi would not release another DVD single until 2012's Love Romance, which was created for pachinko games throughout Japan.

Music videos

The video for Selfish carries a theme of a group of female vampires, who use their sex appeal to lure men into their home. They then seduce them and turn them into subordinates.

Shake It (stylized as SHAKE IT) has a seductive theme, in which Kumi finds a man sneaking around her tent and uses her power of seduction to get him to leave. After she and her mates finish and believe they've won, the man is shown making a phone call, to whom is unknown.

24 is a soft and sensual video with a smooth R&B theme, focusing on Koda Kumi in her downtime.

Track listing

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