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Gips (song)

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Format  CD Single
Length  11:34
Genre  Rock, pop, kayōkyoku
Released  January 26, 2000 (2000-01-26)
Label  Toshiba EMI / Virgin Music
Writer(s)  Ringo Sheena, Michio Yamagami, Kenji Sawada

"Gips" (ギブス, Gibusu, "Orthopedic cast") is Japanese singer Ringo Sheena's 5th single and it was released on January 26, 2000 by Toshiba EMI / Virgin Music. The single was certified double platinum by the RIAJ for 800,000 copies shipped to stores and later gold for 100,000 downloads to cellphones in 2010.



Gips is taken from Sheena's second album Shōso Strip. Sheena was compelled to release two songs at the same time after all, she was going to release this song and Tsumi to Batsu separately first, though. Hisako Tabuchi, the guitarist of Number Girl, plays the guitar on Σ.

The song was covered as a part of a medley by Rie Tomosaka on the television show The Yoru mo Hippare on September 9, 2000. It was also performed by Mino Kabasawa on her piano cover album Piano Pure: Memory of 2000 and by Kazumasa Oda on the TBS music program Christmas no Yakusoku 2002 on December 25, 2001. In 2009, it was covered by Marié Digby on her album Second Home and by Juju on her cover album Request. In 2012, it was released as a single by Ms. Ooja, and appeared on her album Woman: Love Song Covers.

Credits and personnel


  • Vocals: Ringo Sheena
  • Guitars: Susumu Nishikawa
  • Bass guitars: Seiji Kameda
  • Piano: Yuta Saito
  • Drums and Tambourines: Noriyasu "Kāsuke" Kawamura
  • Synthesizer programming: Nobuhiko Nakayama, Hiroshi Kitashiro
  • Tokyo no Hito

  • Vocals, Electric guitars: Ringo Sheena
  • Electric guitars: Susumu Nishikawa
  • Bass guitars: Seiji Kameda
  • Drums: Masayuki Muraishi
  • Organ: Yuta Saito
  • Σ

  • Vocals, Electric guitars: Ringo Sheena
  • Electric guitars: Hisako Tabuchi
  • Bass guitars: Seiji Kameda
  • Synthesizer programming: Nobuhiko Nakayama
  • Turntables: moOog yamamOTO (from Buffalo Daughter)
  • Music video cast


  • Vocal & Electric guitar: Ringo Sheena
  • Electric guitar: Makoto Totani (from Milk Crown, Thinners)
  • Electric bass guitar: Eikichi Iwai (from Chirinuruwowaka)
  • Synthesizer, Keyboard instrument: Makoto Minagawa (from Thinners, Sparky)
  • Drums: Hisashi Nishikawa (he is Sheena 's friend and is an amateur)
  • Σ

  • Takeshi Hara
  • Yuka Yoshimura
  • Hisako Tabuchi
  • Seiji Kameda
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