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Giovanni Cimbalo

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Name  Giovanni Cimbalo

Giovanni Cimbalo Giovanni Cimbalo Wikipedia

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Giovanni Cimbalo was born in Rose (Cosenza) on 31 August 1947 and graduated in Ecclesiastic Law at the Faculty of Law of Florence in 1972 discussing the final thesis "I rapporti tra Stato e Chiesa in Italia dallo scioglimento dell'opera dei congressi alla marcia su Roma". Didactics assistant in 1972-74, CNR scholarship holder in 1975 he was then contract holder. Confirmed researcher in 1981 he was afterwards regular assistant of the Professor Onida within the Chair of Ecclesiastic Law at the University of Florence where he carried out intensive didactic activities. In those years he had a constant and formative dialogue with his Professor of Canonic Law Piero Bellini at the University of Florence and with Francesco Margiotta Broglio, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri" in Florence. His didactic activity focused on themes of comparative Ecclesiastic Law and in particular, thanks to a number of stays at the University of Utrecht for study purposes, on Netherlands's legal system. These studies led to the publication of a monograph on the subject of the financial relations between State and religious groups in Netherlands. In those years he also carried out intensive didactic activities and a great trade union commitment which led him at the end of the eighties to fill for 8 years the post of SNUR-CGIL's General Secretary for the district of Florence. In 1989 Giovanni Cimbalo applied for the competitive examination for the post of associate professor that took place in 1993. After one year from his passing the examination he was called in the Faculty of Law of Bologna University. From this moment on he took up again with great energy the didactic and the research activities witnessed by a number of publications. Once confirmed as Associate Professor he applied for the competitive examination (on the basis of comparative merits) for the post of Full Professor and emerged fit. In 2000 he was called by the Faculty of Law in confirmation of his scientific and didactic commitments. Since 2003 he has been Full Professor of Ecclesiastic Law.


Giovanni Cimbalo Wikipedia