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Giedroyć family

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13th century

Giedroyć family

Grand Duchy of Lithuania


Giedroyć ([ˈɡʲɛdrɔjtɕ]; Lithuanian: Giedraitis; Russian and Belarusian: Гедройц; French: Guedroitz) is the name of a Polish-Lithuanian and Russian princely family, most probably dating back to the time of Mindaugas, although it has no connections with him. No reliable information about the earliest members of the family has survived; when the family name started to appear in written sources in the early 15th century, the precise connections between all its members were already impossible to establish. According to the 16th century Lithuanian Chronicle, they are descendants of duke Giedrius, a brother of Narimantas and Grand Duke of Lithuania Traidenis.

Many family members were important figures in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian history and culture.

The family's original domain was the Lithuanian town of Giedraičiai.

Notable members

  • Blessed Michał Giedroyć (1420–1485)
  • Merkelis Giedraitis (1536–1609), Bishop of Samogitia
  • Vera Gedroitz (1870–1932), Lithuanian princess, surgeon and amateur poet
  • Wladimir Guedroitz (1873–1941), Chamberlain of the Imperial Court of Russia, State Councillor and President of the Chamber of Control of the Empire
  • Jerzy Giedroyc (1906–2000), Polish writer and political activist
  • Alexis Guedroitz (1923–1992), Professor of Russian Language and Literature
  • Ania Guédroïtz (born 1949), Belgian actress
  • Coky Giedroyc (born 1962), English film director (Sherlock)
  • Jason Gedroic - aka Jason Gedrick, (born 1965) American actor best known for his work on the television series Murder One and Boomtown, and the motion picture Iron Eagle
  • Mel Giedroyc (born 1968), English presenter and comedian, best known for The Great British Bake Off.
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