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Gettin' Over You

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Released  12 April 2010
Recorded  2009
Format  CD single digital download
Genre  Electro house hip house
Length  3:02 (as "Gettin' Over") 3:08 (as "Gettin' Over You")
Label  EMI Music France Virgin

"Gettin' Over You" (originally titled "Gettin' Over") is a song by French DJ David Guetta and American singer Chris Willis, from Guetta's fourth studio album One Love. "Gettin' Over You" features additional vocals by Fergie and hip hop duo LMFAO, and was released the lead single from One More Love on 12 April 2010.


The song became Guetta's first number-one hit in France and topped the dance charts in the United Kingdom and United States. It reached top five positions in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand.

Background and composition

The lyrics are written by Fergie, Willis, and LMFAO. was originally intended to perform the vocals alongside Willis and Fergie but he was replaced by LMFAO. In an interview with Digital Spy, Guetta described the song as "one of my more traditional guitar-sounding club tracks – in the vein of 'Love Is Gone'." He said since he refused to let The Black Eyed Peas record the original version for their album The E.N.D., they decided to re-record the song with Fergie. Guetta explained, "Even after I refused to let the Peas have it, Fergie was still saying, 'I love that track!' So I said, 'If you still want to do it, then we'll do it together'. I wanted to keep Chris Willis on there because I've been working with him since the beginning [...] He's the best singer on the planet."

Redfoo from LMFAO told MTV News the concept of the song: "You're in love with a girl and then you guys separate," he said, then joked, "She probably got with Lil Jon or somebody," before continuing, "So I'm gonna party 'til you come get me."

"Gettin' Over You" is written in the key of F major and is in common time with a tempo of 130 beats per minute. The song uses open fifths instead of a chord progression.

Critical reception

Robert Copsey of Digital Spy gave the song three out of five stars. He felt that despite the song's "pounding beats and jaggedy axe" that "LMFAO ruin[s] the breakdown, proving that too many cooks can spoil an otherwise tasty electro-housey broth." Chris Willis's vocal performance was praised by Entertainment Weekly stating: "Willis has a pleasant rasp to his voice, and he guts this one out like the lives of millions of glowsticks hang in the balance". A reviewer from FemaleFirst' stated that "Gettin' Over You" is a "huge summer anthem" and gave it four out of five stars.

Music video

The music video began production on 20 April 2010 with Rich Lee who has in the past filmed videos for The Black Eyed Peas. The music video premiered on Tuesday, 18 May 2010. It features Guetta, Willis, Fergie and LMFAO all producing the song in a recording studio. A teenager then overhears them and gets his friends who bring recording equipment which draws in more teenagers who enter the studio, Guetta, Fergie, and Willis are surprised at first but then accept their presence and go outside with the fans, they finish their song, all the teenagers applaud the performance.


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