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Get a Load of This (short story collection)

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Original title  Get a Load Of This
Language  English
ISBN  978-1-59654-818-3
Author  James Hadley Chase
Country  UK
Publication date  1942
Originally published  1942
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Get a Load of This is a 1942 book written by James Hadley Chase. Unlike most of his other books, it is not a single story throughout, but a collection of 14 different short stories. The stories are not inter related, and most have queer endings.


The book was written by Chase while he was still in the Royal Air Force and was first published in early autumn 1941, and subsequently reprinted in 1988. Initially Chase's publisher was not in favour of him writing short stories, but he wrote a letter to them with the script, and the book was accepted.

Get a Load of This

A society columnist witnesses the murder of an entertainment biz manager by one of the latter's models at a show in a restaurant, and follows up the events that result.

Two Thumb a Ride

On his way to Miami, Denny Merlin comes across two stranger women, who hitch a ride on his Lincoln.

Morning Visit

An army searching for A.B.C. terrorists attack a Cuban farmer and his wife on the pretext of guns being hidden at his house.

Twist in the Tale

George Hemingway,Ace car racer and millionaire, is visited by his friend Arden,who realizes that even though George is at the top and going to marry a rich and glamorous lady, he is not happy.He soon realizes that things are not the way they appear.

Conversation Piece

Harry Garner keeps an affair with a young lady, despite being married and having a daughter as old as that lady.Suddenly he is not willing to carry on with it anymore.

The General Dies in Bed

Cuba is under Autocratic rule, and the rebels have paid a young boy to kill the War department General.After doing that, the boy is on the run.

The Magnificent Opportunity

General Holtz is selected to bring a useless gun back from the war torn mountains, for the sake of Mexican General Cortez,as the latter feels it is the only sign of victory in war against General Pablo.

Walk in the Park

A poor girl is teased and molested by two vagabonds in an empty park.

The Place of Love

On her way to Havana,the place of love, a young lady is met with handsome Lacey on the ship, who simply uses her and abandons her in the city which is torn with civil war.She soon meets George Quentin, foreign correspondent of the New York Post, another journalist Bill Morecombe and few others who try to help her and escape the war torn land.


George and Alfy wait in desperation in the hospital as George's wife Margie is about to deliver a child that is not his,but presumed to be Alfy's.

Night out

Bachelor Jason meets an attractive lady at the Gaucho club, and spends the rest of the evening with her, but on the pretext of spending time with him too, this lady is just using him.

Skin deep

Hernie, a small-time offender,forcefully hitches a ride to Jefferson City in an ambulance carrying an attractive but mentally deranged young lady. Despite the driver Joe's warnings, he goes close to her.


A barman at the pub overhears the conversation of a couple and understands that they have come there to meet for the last time and break up.

Painted Angel

Young Slug Moynihan, small-time boxer, falls for beautiful Rose working as a manicurist at a salon, and decides to date her using all his savings, hoping that she too will like him, not knowing about her dark secrets.


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