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Get Karl! Oh Soo jung

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Also known as  Oh Su-jung vs. Karl
Country of origin  South Korea
Genre  Romantic, Comedy
Written by  Park Hye-ryun Park Ji-eun
Directed by  Park Hyung-ki Jin Hyuk Kwon Hyuk-chan
Starring  Uhm Jung-hwa Oh Ji-ho Kang Sung-jin Park Da-an

Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung (Hangul: 칼잡이 오수정; RR: Kal Jabi O Sujeong) is a 2007 South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Uhm Jung-hwa and Oh Ji-ho. It aired on SBS from July 28 to September 16, 2007 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 16 episodes.


The series is based on the real-life love story of Lee Ju-young, the CEO of the drama's production company who reunited with her current husband ten years after breaking up with him. Moreover, Go Man-soo is the actual name of Lee's pro-golfer husband who incidentally instructed Oh Ji-ho on his golf swings in preparation for the role.


Throughout her school days, Oh Soo-jung (Uhm Jung-hwa) was the girl every boy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. But having watched her poor family disintegrate after her mother abandoned her incompetent father, Soo-jung naturally became cynical and demanding when it came to picking her choice of man. She dates Go Man-soo (Oh Ji-ho), an Ivy League law student, despite the lack of physical attraction (he is overweight and nerdy). But the moment she finds out that he failed his bar exam, poor Man-soo gets dumped. But eight years later, the tables are turned. Soo-jung, now in her thirties, is no longer in demand. The former "it girl" has since fallen from grace. She manages the jewelry store owned by a less attractive schoolmate who married a lawyer and now barks at Soo-jung every chance she gets.

Man-soo returns from the States a changed man; he has transformed into famous, rich, hunky pro-golfer Karl Go. He hires Jung Woo-tak (Kang Sung-jin) to play a wealthy bachelor, and once Soo-jungs fall in love with him, he's to jilt her at the altar, just like she did to Man-soo. Meanwhile, Karl pretends to be the debt-ridden boyfriend of Soo-jung's boarder Yook Dae-soon (Park Da-an). But his revenge plans go awry when he and Soo-jung fall in love with each other again. On her wedding day to Woo-tak, Soo-jung runs away and chooses Karl despite believing he's poor. Bitter that Karl chose a girdle-clad "old maid" over her, Dae-soon not only steals her creative ideas for jewelry design but reveals to Soo-jung that Karl has been making a fool of her all this time. In the end, Soo-jung triumphs over Dae-soon professionally, then proposes to Karl and they finally get married.

Main characters

  • Oh Ji-ho as Go Man-soo / Karl Go
  • Uhm Jung-hwa as Oh Soo-jung
  • Kang Sung-jin as Jung Woo-tak
  • Park Da-an as Yook Dae-soon
  • Supporting characters

  • Ahn Sun-young as Lee Young-ae, Soo-jung's friend
  • Yoo Hye-jung as Kim Pil-sook, Soo-jung's friend
  • Sung Dong-il as Jung Seung-gyu, Karl's manager/friend
  • Ahn Yong-joon as Choi Soo-hyuk, Soo-jung's younger brother
  • Kim Kap-soo as Oh Byung-jik, Soo-jung's father
  • Yu Ji-in as Shim Wol-do, Soo-jung's mother
  • Kim Dong-kyun as Yoon Dong-kwan, Young-ae's husband
  • Jeong Min-jin as Daniel
  • Seo Hee-seung as Man-soo's father
  • Han Bok-hee as Man-soo's mother
  • Soundtrack

    1. 성공시대 - Sun
    2. Man To Man (Inst.)
    3. I Love Diamond (Inst.)
    4. Love Line (Inst.)
    5. Sentimental (Inst.)
    6. Grey Shoes (Inst.)
    7. Gloomy Day (Inst.)
    8. Choice Of Love (Inst.)
    9. Warning! (Inst.)
    10. Putting On Make-Up (Inst.)
    11. Regret (Inst.)
    12. Step By Step (Inst.)
    13. Lovely Woman (Inst.)
    14. Sad Movies (Inst.)
    15. Wanted! (Inst.)
    16. Yellow Card (Inst.)
    17. Show Me The Way (Inst.)

    International broadcast

  • It aired in Vietnam on HTV3 from October 13, 2008, under the title Sự trả thù ngọt ngào.
  • References

    Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung Wikipedia

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