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Germany's Next Topmodel (cycle 10)

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Country of origin  Germany
Original network  ProSieben
Original release  February 12 (2015-02-12) – May 28, 2015 (2015-05-28)

Germany's Next Topmodel, Cycle 10 is the tenth season of the show that is aired on the German television network ProSieben. The show began to air on February 12, 2015 under the catch phrase Celebrate Beauty.


The judging panel consists of Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop. Kristian Schuller served as exclusive featured photographer for this season. The prizes included a modeling contract with OneEins GmbH Management, a spread and cover in the German Cosmopolitan, a €100,000 cash prize and an Opel Adam.

The international destinations for this cycle were Los Angeles, Oahu, Miami, New York City, Milan, London, Dubai, Auckland, Malé and Paris.

Episode 1: Scouting Berlin and Cologne

Original airdate: February 12, 2015

The first episode of Germany's Next Topmodel 2015 starts in Berlin, where host Heidi Klum and her fellow regular judge Thomas Hayo pick up the third judge, Wolfgang Joop, at his home to board the Germany's Next Topmodel coach. Casting begins, inviting individual contestants with a personal pick-up and the episode ends with a mass-casting in Cologne.

Episode 2: Scouting Nuremberg, Ingolstadt and Munich

Original airdate: February 19, 2015

In the second episode, Heidi and Thomas continue their casting trip throughout Nuremberg and Ingolstadt. Live auditions take place and some girls receive a wildcard which guarantees a position in the competition. Later, the last auditions are being held in Munich as a mass casting.

Episode 3: Wrapping castings and first show

Original airdate: February 26, 2015

Third episode chronicles the wrapping of mass castings in Munich. Heidi, Thomas and Wolfgang challenge their select girls with a first runway show for a Turkish designer, the difficult part: the runway is filled with loose gravel. The episode ends with eliminations for a final group of girls, now heading for Los Angeles in the next episode.

Episode 4: The Big Make-over (Das große Umstyling)

Original airdate: March 5, 2015

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, the girls get to know their accommodation during the next weeks, are asked to select a "group leader" and Heidi later gathers them in a nondescript warehouse for the big style and hair makeover, ending in tears, especially for Erica.

  • Quit: Annabel Paasch & Sarah Kocar
  • Eliminated: Ariana Xhatova & Laura Weidner
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 5: The First Shooting (Das erste Shooting)

    Original airdate: March 12, 2015

    The color yellow is the theme of this week's shooting for Cosmopolitan. In turn each of the girls is photographed as part of a small group on a Los Angeles back-lot. Heidi and the judges reveal a new mode of operation in this year's GNTM edition: Under the moniker "World of Topmodel", each week some of the girls are sent to real castings in diverse locations across the globe - this week, three contestants are sent to London, to audition for a job offered by a German lifestyle magazine.

  • Casted for job: Laura Dünninger & Katharina Wandrowsky
  • Bottom Four: Adriane Sutsch, Daniela Wolking, Lena Stockhausen & Sandy Provazek
  • Eliminated: Adriane Sutsch
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 6: In Dizzy Height (In schwindelerregender Höhe)

    Original airdate: March 19, 2015

    An L.A. airport serves as the location for the "Helicopter Shoot", a remake of a photo challenge from a previous cycle. This week's "World of Topmodel" job is in Dubai and three girls fly over, one being handicapped with bruised knees injured during the helicopter shoot just before leaving.

  • Booked for casting: Ajsa Selimovic & Varisa Caluk
  • Eliminated: Jovana Bulic & Lena Stockhausen
  • Bottom Two: Daniela Wolking & Sara Faste
  • Eliminated: Daniela Wolking
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 7: Body painting (Das Bodypainting)

    Original airdate: March 26, 2015

    This week's "World of Topmodel" holds a one-day-trip to Oahu, Hawaii for three of the girls: among them Erica, who is not selected in the casting for Surfer Magazine's photo shoot and resorts to drama. Back in L.A. the troupe is faced with the next photo challenge: a colorful body-painting shooting in a West L.A. studio loft. Overshadowed by Erica's bad mood, the girls blame her for ruining the shooting for all of them. The episode ends with the obligatory "live walk", the challenge here is the catwalk is suspended between a stack of sea shipping container, 42 ft above ground. Judge Wolgang Joop is absent for the entire episode.

  • Booked for casting: Darya Strelnikova & Jüli Ürküt
  • Immune from elimination: Anuthida Ploypetch & Jüli Ürküt
  • Eliminated: Irene Pichler & Neele Busse
  • Bottom Two: Erica Santos Silva & Lisa Bärmann
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 8: Underwater (Unter Wasser)

    Original airdate: April 2, 2015

    "World of Topmodel" is a casting for a blouse manufacturer in Milan, Italy. Three challenges follow: an underwater / water-tank shoot with Schuller, where Kiki, Katharina and Anuthida produce great pictures, a "water-splashing" shoot with a stunt driver on an L.A. parking lot, where Varisa and Vanessa win themself immunity, and the usual live walk on 8th & Hope's Helipad, combined with a styling game where each of the girls is asked to select an outfit for her team mate. Wolfgang Joop is absent for the entire episode (reported sick).

  • Booked for casting: Varisa Caluk
  • Immune from elimination: Vanessa Fuchs & Varisa Caluk
  • Eliminated: Erica Santos Silva
  • Bottom Two: Lisa Bärmann & Sandy Provazek
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Special guests: Erin Wasson
  • Episode 9: Pure adrenaline (Adrenalin pur)

    Original airdate: April 9, 2015

    Kristian Schuller stages an American Football shoot. The "World of Topmodel" trip is a flight to Auckland, New Zealand, where Anuthida, Darya, Jüli, Katharina and Vanessa attend a casting for an editorial and cover shoot for Remix Magazine, with Darya and Anuthida booked, and compete for a gig as catwalk model presenting Heidi Klum's own brand of lingerie, where Darya, Anuthida and Katharina are booked, with Anuthida being chosen to close the show. The episode centers on drama, as one of the girls is said to be mobbing everyone allegedly. At panel the girls have the opportunity to save one girl. Jüli is saved with having one more vote than Sandy. Sandy and Varisa are eliminated for their weak performance during this week.

  • Booked for casting: Anuthida Ploypetch, Darya Strelnikova & Katharina Wandrowsky
  • Immune from elimination: Jüli Ürküt
  • Bottom Two: Sandy Provazek & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Eliminated: Sandy Provazek
  • Second Bottom Two: Laura Dünninger & Varisa Caluk
  • Eliminated: Varisa Caluk
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Special guests: Toni Garrn
  • Episode 10: Bubble Gum

    Original airdate: April 16, 2015

    Heidi opens the episode with a so-called Out-of-bed challenge - each girl is being photographed just after waking up. World of Topmodel is a cover shoot for Shape magazine, executed later on in Miami, FL, after a casting in L.A, where Laura, Darya and Kiki reach the second round. Kristian Schuller does a camera test with each of the girls, giving them a few lines and some simple acting instructions in a spec bubble-gum commercial, where Anuthida performs best with Laura being second. The girls do training for cover shoots with having one high fashion and a body shot. Anuthida who has started to earn her reputation as a favorite the week before is deemed best along with Jüli and Katharina. Laura is surprisingly eliminated for having said to want to leave the competition at several times and in spite of her strong week. Sara, who the judges feel is not ready yet is eliminated second. One segment centers on Anuthida who is reunited with her father after 15 years while he lived in Las Vegas without having stayed in contact.

  • Booked for casting: Darya Strelnikova
  • Eliminated: Laura Dünninger & Sara Faste
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 11: Bold Heads (Das Glatzenshooting)

    Original airdate: April 23, 2015

    The episode's first segment is a recap of Anuthida's family-reunion from last week. Heidi inspects all the girls' social media accounts, where Darya and Ajsa receive bad critique for their pictures that lack niveau. Katharina wins the challenge to take a new photo in LA for social media. This week's casting is for Opel, where Anuthida is booked for the important commercial. Kristian Schuller then challenges the girls in a mannequin-themed shoot where each girl receives a bold head by special-effects makeup. The shoot turns out to be especially challenging for Darya who carried over a bad mood from the previous segment where Heidi coached the girls in social media etiquette. Back at the villa, Wolfgang Joop asks the girls to style an outfit for Heidi, the reward is an expensive dress from a famous designer. Vanessa's outfit wins the challenge with Katharina being second. As usual, the episode closes with a live walk, where only Anuthida, Katharina and Jüli receive good critique, while Darya is heavily critiqued for her unprofessional mood at the shoot and during the entire week. Vanessa and Kiki are critiqued for their walks. Ajsa is critiqued for her unprofessional smile when presenting Haute Couture. Lisa performs weak at the photo shoot and on the runway. Ajsa, Vanessa, Kiki and Lisa land in the bottom four. Lisa and Kiki even in the bottom two. When Lisa reaches the next round Kiki thinks she is eliminated but she is surprised by the judges.

  • Booked for casting: Anuthida Ploypetch
  • Bottom Four: Ajsa Selimovic, Kiki Hölzl, Lisa Bärmann & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Special guests: Zach King
  • Episode 12: The Dancing (Das Tanzshooting)

    Original airdate: April 30, 2015

    First, Heidi does mail bag with the girls. Then, three are flying over to New York for a Fashion Week casting (World of Topmodel). Back in L.A. the troupe is being coached for an upcoming shoot with Kristian. A choreographer instructs them in doing some basic routines. Again, room for drama between Darya and Kiki. The live walk is inspired by the classic Singing in the Rain, with artificial rain pouring down on the runway.

  • Booked for casting: Anuthida Ploypetch & Lisa Bärmann
  • Eliminated: Kiki Hölzl
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Episode 13: Clear the Ring (Manege frei)

    Original airdate: May 7, 2015

  • Booked for casting: Anuthida Ploypetch, Katharina Wandrowsky & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Featured photographer: Kristian Schuller
  • Eliminated: Jüli Ürküt & Lisa Bärmann
  • Special guests: Kate Upton
  • Episode 14: The Semi-Final (Das Halbfinale)

    Original airdate: May 10, 2015

    In contrast to previous cycles, the semi-final episode is a small scale live-on-tape show set in an old church. Heidi and the judges present this week's episode in segments, intertwined with live-show style interviews and sentiments from friends and family. The episode's first job is the cover shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, followed by a challenge where each girl has to act in a New York street scene for Maybelline. Vanessa wins this job and shoots a campaign for the brand. Flying over to Paris, the girls compete again, this time for participation in Wolfgang Joop's Wunderkind runway show. Vanessa wins. The episode closes with a live walk in front of the jury, and much critique for Darya, who is eliminated.

  • Booked for casting: Vanessa Fuchs
  • Bottom Two: Ajsa Selimovic & Darya Strelnikova
  • Eliminated: Darya Strelnikova
  • Featured photographer: Christian Anwander
  • Episode 15: The Finale, Part 1 (Das Finale, Teil 1)

    Original airdate: May 14, 2015

    The live show in Mannheim's SAP Arena was opened by the four finalists, leading into an opening act with the whole cycle 10 cast walking the stage's catwalk and Jason Derulo performing his new single. Heidi entered the stage via show lift from the ceiling and her fellow judges were introduced in an equally dramatic act. The first live walk followed, where each of the finalists had to act doll-like first and then present a matching thematic walk, followed by Katharina's elimination from the competition. Just before the show entered the next act, after about an hour of airtime, Heidi led over to an irregular commercial break, followed by a segment of clips from the previous episodes. The remainder of the show was canceled and ProSieben aired a rerun of The Blind Side. Tweets and news coverage spread the information that the show was stopped and the location evacuated due to a bomb threat. ProSieben later officially confirmed they would not carry on with the finale show. As it was later revealed, Jüli had won the online voting between the girls who didn't reach the final and thus would have been the girl to open the top 18 walk.

    The day following the finale, it was announced that the new pre-recorded finale would air on May 28. Viewers who had purchased tickets for the live final had their money reimbursed.

  • Top 18 walk opener: Jüli Ürküt
  • Final four: Ajsa Selimovic, Anuthida Ploypetch, Katharina Wandrowsky & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Eliminated: Katharina Wandrowsky
  • Special guests: Jason Derulo (announced: Alisar Ailabouni, Lovelyn Enebechi, Lena, Lena Gercke, Stefanie Giesinger, Luisa Hartema, Jennifer Hof, Barbara Meier, Olly Murs & Sara Nuru)
  • Episode 15: The Finale, Part 2 (Das Finale, Teil 2)

    Original airdate: May 28, 2015

    The live finale continued in New York City after the original finale had to be postponed. The winners from cycles past, with the exception of Jana Beller who was absent due to a bereavement, made an appearance for the final show. Vanessa was declared Germany's Next Topmodel.

  • Final three: Ajsa Selimovic, Anuthida Ploypetch & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Eliminated: Ajsa Selimovic
  • Final two: Anuthida Ploypetch & Vanessa Fuchs
  • Germany's Next Topmodel: Vanessa Fuchs
  • Contestants

    (ages stated are at start of contest)

    Results table

         The contestant quit the competition      The contestant was immune from elimination      The contestant was in danger of elimination      The contestant was eliminated      The contestant won the competition

    Photo shoot guide

  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Sedcard shooting
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Construction workers for Cosmopolitan
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Helicopter on a rooftop
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Tribal powder covered in body paint
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Underwater couture
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Football editorial
  • Episode 10 commercial: Bubble gum / Energy drink
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Bald editorial
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Dancing with fabric
  • Episode 13 photo shoot: Circus editorial
  • Episode 14 photo shoot: Cosmopolitan covers
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    Germany's Next Topmodel (cycle 10) Wikipedia

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