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Geddes (surname)

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Geddes is a surname of English and Scottish origin. In Scotland and northern Ireland the name may be derived from the place-name Geddes in Nairn, Scotland. However, according to the Dictionary of American Family Names, the surname is more likely a patronymic name derived from the name Geddie. This name (Geddie), may be an altered form of MacAdam. In this way, the letter G represents the Gaelic mac "son of" and Eddie is a variant of Adam. Geddie may also be a nickname meaning "greedy", derived from gedd meaning "pike", this could also refer to a voracious eater. The earliest written record of the surname Geddes is of William Ged, from Shropshire, England, recorded within the Pipe Rolls in the year 1230. The surname Geddes can be represented in Scottish Gaelic as Geadasach and Geadais.



  • Andrew Geddes (1783–1844), British painter
  • Andrew James Wray Geddes (1906–1988), British Air Commodore responsible for the planning of Operation Manna
  • Andy Geddes (born 1959), Scottish footballer
  • Anne Geddes (born 1956), Australian-born photographer
  • Alexander Geddes (1737–1802), Scottish theologian and scholar
  • Auckland Geddes, 1st Baron Geddes (1879–1954), British politician and diplomat
  • Barbara Bel Geddes (1922–2005), American actress
  • Bobby Geddes (born 1960), Scottish footballer
  • Charles Geddes, Baron Geddes of Epsom (1897–1963), British entrepreneur and life peer
  • Eric Campbell Geddes (1875–1937), British politician and First Lord of the Admiralty during WWI
  • Euan Geddes, 3rd Baron Geddes, current Lord Geddes and Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords
  • George Geddes (engineer) (1809–1883), engineer, agricultural expert, and New York state senator
  • George W. Geddes (1824–1892), American politician, U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Harriet Geddes (1790-1868), Wife of painter William Collins (painter), mother of novelist Wilkie Collins
  • James Geddes (engineer) (born 1763), American engineer and surveyor
  • James Lorraine Geddes (1827–1887), American soldier and writer
  • Jane Geddes (born 1960), American golfer
  • Jenny Geddes (c. 1600 – c. 1660), Scottish activist, arguably catalyzed the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
  • Jim Geddes (born 1949), American baseball pitcher
  • Keith Geddes (born c. 1940s), Canadian computer scientist and academic
  • Ken Geddes, American football player
  • Leslie A. Geddes (born 1921), Scottish-born engineer and physiologist
  • Margaret Geddes, daughter of Lord Geddes, who married Prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine, son of Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse
  • Margaret Geddes (born 1949), Australian writer and journalist
  • Norman Bel Geddes (1893–1958), American theatrical and industrial designer
  • Patrick Geddes (1854–1932), Scottish biologist and town planner
  • Pytt Geddes (1917–2006), Norwegian-born tai chi teacher
  • Sir Reay Geddes, former chairman of the Dunlop Rubber Company
  • Scott Geddes, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Wilhelmina Geddes (1887–1955), Irish stained glass artist
  • William Duguid Geddes (1828–1900), Scottish scholar and educationalist
  • William George Nicholson Geddes (1913–1993), Scottish civil engineer
  • Given name

  • Geddes Granger, also known as Makandal Daaga, Trinidad and Tobago political activist and former revolutionary
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