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García II of Galicia

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Name  Garcia of
Role  King

Cousins  Alfonso
Uncles  Bermudo III of Leon
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Died  March 22, 1090, Los Barrios de Luna, Spain
Parents  Sancha of Leon, Ferdinand I of Leon
Grandparents  Sancho III of Pamplona, Mayor of Castile, Alfonso V of Leon, Elvira Menendez
Similar People  Ferdinand I of Leon, Sancho II of Castile and Leon, Sancha of Leon, Bermudo III of Leon, Alfonso V of Leon

Garc a ii of galicia

García II (c. 1042 – 22 March 1090), King of Galicia and Portugal, was the youngest of the three sons and heirs of Ferdinand I, King of Castile and León, and Sancha of León, whose Leonese inheritance included the lands García would be given.

In the 1065 division of his father's estates, García was given the Galicia, including the County of Portugal, as well as the right to parias from the Taifas of Badajoz and Seville, his brother Sancho received the Kingdom of Castile, and a third brother, Alfonso was given the Kingdom of León. Calling himself 'King of Galicia and Portugal', García thus became the first to use the title King of Portugal. His power in the south of his polity was somewhat limited until 1071, when he defeated rebel Portuguese Count Nuno Mendes in the Battle of Pedroso. However, shortly after this victory, his brothers united against him and forced García to flee to Seville, partitioned his kingdom between them.

The next year, in 1072, Sancho defeated Alfonso and reunited the entire kingdom of their father, but was assassinated within months. Alfonso took control of Sancho's kingdom, and García returned from his exile. It is unclear if he hoped to reestablish himself in his kingdom or had been misled by promises of safety from Alfonso, but García was immediately imprisoned in a monastery where he remained until his death sometime around 1090.


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