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Gamma Knife (Kayo Dot album)

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Released  January 4, 2012
Gamma Knife (2012)  Hubardo (2013)
Release date  4 January 2012
Producers  Toby Driver, Randall Dunn
Length  30:36
Artist  Kayo Dot
Label  Antithetic Records

Recorded  Live at Littlefield Brooklyn, New York in 2011
Genres  Black metal, Chamber music, Jazz fusion
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Gamma Knife (or Gamma Knife/Grey Dream) is the sixth album by avant-garde metal group Kayo Dot. The album was self-released through frontman Toby Driver's Ice Level Music via Bandcamp on January 4, 2012, following the group's departure from Hydra Head Records. The bulk of the album was recorded live at Brooklyn, New York venue Littlefield on October 5, 2011, with the remainder recorded at Driver's residence in late 2011. It was mixed by longtime producer Randall Dunn. It is notable for beginning the return to Driver's metal roots and features harsh vocals for the first time since Choirs of the Eye. The vinyl and CD copies are both available via the group's Bandcamp.


Track listing

All songs and lyrics written by Toby Driver.


  • Toby Driver - vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
  • Terran Olson - alto sax
  • Daniel Means - alto sax
  • Keith Abrams - drums
  • Mia Matsumiya - violin
  • Tim Byrnes - mellotron
  • Ron Varod - audience direction
  • David Bodie - percussion
  • Songs

    2Rite of Goetic Evocation6:42
    3Mirror Water - Lightning Night5:35


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