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Fukaura, Aomori

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Country  Japan
Prefecture  Aomori Prefecture
- Tree  Siebold’s Beech
Local time  Saturday 4:58 PM
Region  Tōhoku
District  Nishitsugaru
Population  8,592 (Sep 2015)
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Time zone  Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Weather  5°C, Wind W at 18 km/h, 77% Humidity
Points of interest  Aoike, Nabeishi Hot Spring, Resort Shirakami, Mt Shirakami, Shunkosan Enkaku Temple

Moriyama coast fukaura aomori

Fukaura (深浦町, Fukaura-machi) is a town located in Nishitsugaru District of Aomori Prefecture in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan. As of November 2013, the town had an estimated population of 8,592 and a population density of 17.6 persons per km². Its total area was 488.85 km2 (188.75 sq mi).


Map of Fukaura, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

firework festival in fukaura aomori prefecture japan


Fukaura occupies the far southwestern coastline of Aomori Prefecture, facing the Sea of Japan. The town has a cold humid continental climate (Köppen Dfa) characterized by warm short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Neighbouring municipalities

  • Aomori Prefecture
  • Ajigasawa
  • Akita Prefecture
  • Happō, Akita
  • History

    The area around Fukaura was controlled by the Nambu clan of Morioka Domain during the Edo period. It became a village in the Nishitsugaru District in 1889, and was elevated to town status on April1 1, 1926. On July 29, 1955, Fukura annexed the neighboring village of Otose. On March 31, 2005 it was merged with the neighboring village of Iwasaki.

    Fukaura is the home town of four current sumo wrestlers: Kaiho, Aminishiki, Asofuji and Masatsukasa. It is believed to be the first time that four elite sekitori-ranked wrestlers have come from the same town.


    The economy of Fukaura is heavily dependent on commercial fishing.

    There is also a small tourism industry centered on the Shirakami Sanchi UNESCO World Heritage area, particularly the Juniko Lakes on its periphery.


    Fukaura has three elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school.


  • JR East - Gonō Line
  • Ōmagoshi, Shirakamidaketozanguchi, Matsukami, Jūniko, Mutsu-Iwasaki, Mutsu-Sawabe, WeSPa-Tsubakiyama, Henashi, Yokoiso, Fukaura, Hiroto, Oirase, Todorogi, Kasose, Ōdose, Senjōjiki, Kita-Kanegasawa, Mutsu-Yanagita.
  • Highway

  • Japan National Route 101
  • Sister city relations

  • - Ranua, Lapland, Finland,
  • Noted people from Fukaura

  • Aminishiki Ryūji – sumo wrestler
  • Asōfuji Seiya – sumo wrestler
  • Kaihō Ryōji – sumo wrestler
  • Masatsukasa Kōshin – sumo wrestler
  • References

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