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Fried Green Tomatoes (score)

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Released  June 9, 1992
Artist  Thomas Newman
Movie  Fried Green Tomatoes
Genres  Soundtrack, Instrumental
Length  34:16
Release date  9 June 1992
Label  MCA Records
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Fried green tomatoes 1991 thomas newman soundtrack score suite

Fried Green Tomatoes: Original Motion Picture Score is the instrumental score to the 1991 Academy Award-nominated film Fried Green Tomatoes. For the original soundtrack of the same film, see Fried Green Tomatoes (soundtrack).


Track listing

  1. "Ghost Train", performed by Marion Williams (3:12)
  2. "Whistle Stop, Ala." (1:16)
  3. "A Charge To Keep I Have", performed by Marion Williams (2:34)
  4. "Xmas in Hooverville" (1:51)
  5. "The Tree House" (1:08)
  6. "Night Baseball", performed by Marion Williams (0:57)
  7. "Whither Thou Goest I Will Go" (1:51)
  8. "Buddy Threadgoode" (1:18)
  9. "Didn't It Rain", performed by Marion Williams (2:51)
  10. "The Bee Charmer" (1:59)
  11. "Wallpaper" (1:31)
  12. "The Smell of Coffee" (1:10)
  13. "Visiting Ruth" (1:43)
  14. "Miss Otis Died" (1:27)
  15. "The Town Follies", performed by Ralph Grierson (0:44)
  16. "Klansmen" (2:04)
  17. "Smokey Lonesome" (1:23)
  18. "Big George", performed by Marion Williams
  19. "Night Baseball" [Mandolin Reprise] (1:02)
  20. "The Whistle Stop Cafe" (2:25)


1Ghost Train (Main Title)3:10
2Whistle Stop - Ala1:17
3A Charge to Keep I Have2:34


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