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Franklin metro station

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Line(s)  Line 2
Disabled access  Yes
Platforms in use  2
Connections  Transantiago buses
Opened  31 March 1978
Tracks  2
Franklin metro station
Location  Nataniel Cox Street / Placer Street
Address  Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
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Franklin is an underground metro station on the Line 2 of the Santiago Metro, in Santiago, Chile. Their namesake is the Franklin Neighborhood.

The station has a central mezzanine on the first level down containing turnstiles and a ticket booth. Stairs at the two northernmost corners of the mezzanine provide access to the platform level, whereas at south end of the mezzanine, one stair per platform go up to it.

A passageway connects the mezzanine's east end to the only access to the station. The original entrance pavilion was replaced by the current more modest structure. It features two parallel escalators, one up and the other down, which are separated by a central unused space that is provisioned to accommodate two additional escalators. The escalators are flanked by two staircases.


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