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Fossil (software)

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Original author(s)  D. Richard Hipp
Operating system  Cross-platform
Written in  C
Fossil (software)
Initial release  2006; 11 years ago (2006)
Stable release  2.1 / 10 March 2017; 5 days ago (2017-03-10)
Repository  www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/dir?ci=tip

Fossil is a distributed version control system, bug tracking system and wiki software server for use in software development created by D. Richard Hipp.



Fossil is a cross-platform server that runs on Linux, BSD derivatives, Mac and Windows. It is capable of performing distributed version control, bug tracking, wiki services, and blogging. The software has a built-in web interface, which reduces project tracking complexity and promotes situational awareness. A user may simply type "fossil ui" from within any check-out and Fossil automatically opens the user's web browser in a page that gives detailed history and status information on that project.

Being distributed, Fossil requires no central server, although collaboration is made easier by using one.

Content is stored using a SQLite database so that transactions are atomic even if interrupted by a power loss or system crash.

Fossil is free software released under a BSD license (relicensed from previously GPL).


Fossil is used for version control by the SQLite project, which is itself a component of Fossil. SQLite transitioned to using Fossil for version control over CVS in September 2009.

Some examples of other projects using Fossil are:

  • Pritlog
  • Tcl/Tk Project
  • Woof
  • Synopse mORMot framework
  • An RFC2131-compliant DHCP client daemon
  • FUEL SCM gui
  • AndroWish
  • LibreCMC
  • Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre
  • Source code hosting

    The following websites provide free source code hosting for Fossil repositories:

  • Chisel. Original site owner James Turner announced that the site would cease operation on May 1, 2013. After domain ownership was transferred on May 1, 2013, it continued operation.
  • SourceForge (unofficially through webpages hosting service)
  • References

    Fossil (software) Wikipedia

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