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Forward Operating Base Gardez

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The Gardez Fire Base is an American outpost in Afghanistan, near the city of Gardez, in the Province of Paktia, near the border with Pakistan. The base is approximately 100 kilometers south of Kabul, and was the subject of regular attack in 2003. In mid-August 2011, a truck packed with explosives detonated at the entrance, killing two Afghan guards but otherwise doing minimal damage to the base. The Taliban, however, made spurious claims of massive casualties and destroyed helicopters.

Colonel Burke Garrett published a letter in the Fort Drum Blizzard in which he described the living conditions at the Gardez Fire Base, and its neighboring bases:

"The 1-87 Infantry and A Troop / 3-17 Cav are based out of Orgun-E and Gardez Fire Base respectively, but also located at several smaller bases in the eastern central part of the country, along the border with Pakistan. Living conditions are more austere there due to their remote locations, but they all receive mail, supplies of food and personal items regularly. Phone and e-mail connectivity varies by location, but we are working hard to improve our ability to contact families. They also have monthly helicopter visits from the AAFES staff based out of Bagram and Kandahar, so that they can still purchase items like CDs and magazines for their personal enjoyment. FOB Gardez was closed in November of 2014 by the 319th Movement Control Team from Dover, Delaware (Army Reserve) The FOB was ran by the 101st Airborne Division, 1st/506 Infantry Easy Co. (Band of Brothers).


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