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Fort Grange

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Fort Grange

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Fort Grange is one of the Palmerston Forts, in Gosport, England. After Gomer and Elson forts had been approved in 1852, further consideration led to a decision to fill the gap between them by three more forts, and Grange is the most southerly of the three. Work began in 1858 and it was completed in 1863.

Built as part of the outer defence line for Gosport along with Fort Brockhurst, Fort Elson and Fort Rowner to the North East and Fort Gomer to the South West. In 1914 23 (Siege) Company Royal Garrison Artillery was based at the Fort. It was used to create number 3 and 4 Siege Batteries Royal Garrison Artillery.

The fort is a Grade II Listed Building and is virtually identical with Forts Brockhurst and Rowner.

There are many surviving details and the main structure is intact, however, the earthworks have been much reduced and much of the moat is infilled. The fort was used as a military headquarters from 1910 and was derelict in 1983. By 1984, Fort Grange had become the home of HMS Sultan VCC (Voluntary Cadet Corps). In 1916 it was armed with a 1-pounder heavy anti aircraft gun on a travelling carriage.


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