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For the Native Language!

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Leader  Vladimir Linderman
Dissolved  2016
Political position  Far-left
Founded  2012
Headquarters  Riga
Ideology  Russian minority politics, National Bolshevism

For the Native language! (Russian: За родной язык!, Latvian: Par Dzimto Valodu!) was a political party in Latvia. The party's leader is Vladimir Linderman.



In 2009, Latvian national-bolsheviks established the political party "The 13 January Movement". In 2011 Linderman was co-founder of an NGO called Native Language and initiated constitutional referendum in Latvia. In 2011, the "13 January Movement" joined forces with Osipovs Party. On 16 July 2012, The Register of Enterprises officially registered political party "For the Native Language!". In February 2016, a court decision to dissolve the party was upheld.

Political positions

For the Native Language! supports increased role for Russian language in education and public administration. It also supports changes in Latvian citizenship so that it would be awarded to a large number of non-citizens. Economically, "The 13 January Movement" supported socialism.


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