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Font de Mussa Mosaic

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Artist  Unknown
Medium  Marble
Type  Mosaic
Font de Mussa Mosaic
Year  approx. 1st-2nd century Discovered in 2001 in Font de Mussa (Benifaió)
Dimensions  550 cm × 425 cm (220 in × 167 in)
Location  Prehistory Museum of Valencia, Valencia

The Mosaic de la Font de Mussa (Mosaic from the Source of Mussa, in English) is a Roman mosaic found in Benifaió (Ribera Alta, Land of Valencia) and that dates of the 1st or 2nd century. It is located into the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, where is one of the most highlighted pieces.

Its a mosaic of opus tessellatum decorated with tesselles of marble of 6 millimeters.

It presents a central decoration polychromated showing figures that represents the shepherd Faustulus and his brother in front of a cave where there is a wolf that would suckle to Romulus and Remus.


Font de Mussa Mosaic Wikipedia

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