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Fomor (comics)

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Publisher  Marvel Comics
Pantheon  Celtic
Fomor (comics)
First appearance  The Avengers #225 (November 1982)
Created by  Steven Grant (writer) Greg LaRocque (penciller)
Notable members  Balor Bres Cethlann Dulb Elathan Indech Tethra

The Fomor, also known as Fomore or Fomorians, are fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They are loosely based on the Fomorians of Celtic mythology.


The Fomor are a race of extra-dimensional beings. They have the ability to tap into and manipulate mystical and elemental powers, and many have superhuman strength and endurance.

Publication history

The Fomor first appeared in Avengers #225-226 (November-December 1982), and were created by writer Steven Grant and penciller Greg LaRocque. Then only the character Bres appears in Power Man and Iron Fist #113 (January 1985).

The Fomor subsequently appear in Marvel Comics Presents #30 (October 1989), Black Knight #3-4 (August-September 1990), and Avengers vol. 3 #1 (February 1998).

Balor received an entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990).

Fictional race biography

In ancient times, the Fomor were cast into the Dark Realm, a dimension beyond Otherworld/Avalon. In the 12th century, the Fomor finally returned to Otherworld and laid siege to it. Hearing tales of the 20th century Avengers from the time-travelling Black Knight (Dane Whitman), the wizard Amergin decided to bring the heroes to Avalon in order to help defeat the Fomor.

After fighting the Avengers, one of the Fomor, Bres was taken captive and detained in Project Pegasus headquarters in the 20th century. Bres began to use his powers to manipulate the staff at the Project: Pegasus facility, and caused a guard named Harry Winslow to die of heart failure. Bres also freed the mutant Solarr from his cell. Solarr hated Winslow, and when he found his corpse he incinerated it. Bres used his magic to animate the charred corpse, which killed Solarr. The Falcon, Iron Fist, and Guardsman fought Bres and were able to defeat his scheme to break free.

The rest of the Fomor continued to trouble the people of Avalon in a number of subsequent plots in the 20th century. Members of the Fomor aided Mordred the Evil and Morgan le Fay in a plot to take over and reshape Earth. The Fomor laid siege once more to Avalon, but were this time dispelled by Leir and Caber. Morgan Le Fay again recruited the Fomor to delay the Avengers in her pursuit of the Twilight Sword.

Known members

  • Balor based on the Fomorian Balor.
  • Bres based on the Fomorian Bres, possesses magical powers, second sight, and superhuman strength. He is the son of Fomor warcheif Elathan.
  • Cethlann is Balor's wife and have superhuman strength.
  • Dulb is the Fomor's weapons-maker.
  • Elathan based on the Fomorian Elathan, is the leader of the Fomor, father of Bres, and capable of firing energy blasts and commanding tempests.
  • Indech is a slime-like monster.
  • Tethra based on the Fomorian Tethra, has a tough, scaly hide.
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