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Finnish parliamentary election, 2019

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2019  2023 →
1997  2016
38 seats, 17.7%  37 seats, 18.2%
2012  1997
49 seats, 21.1%  38 seats, 17.7%
2014  2011
Finnish parliamentary election, 2019

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Finland in April 2019.



The incumbent government was formed by a three party Center-right coalition, composed of the Centre Party, Finns Party and National Coalition Party. On 28 May 2015, the parliament elected Juha Sipilä as prime minister by a vote of 128–62.

Electoral system

The 200 members of the Eduskunta are elected using proportional representation in 13 multi-member constituencies, with seats allocated according to the d'Hondt method. The number of elected representatives is proportional to the population in the district six months prior to the elections. Åland has single member electoral district and its own party system.


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