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Finisterra (album)

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Released  May 19, 2000
Length  01:48:46
Artist  Mägo De Oz
Label  Locomotive Music
Recorded  2000
Finisterra (2000)  Fölktergeist (2002)
Release date  19 May 2000
Genres  Folk metal, Celtic metal
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Finisterra is a 2000 album by the Spanish folk metal band Mägo de Oz. It narrates the story of Satania, a fictional society in the future where life depends on the Internet and computers.


M go de oz finisterra opera rock full album completo


In the year 2199, a new order, Satania, is ruling the world. This was caused in the beginning of the 21st century, when the Third World, under the name of "Batallón de la Cochambre", made a revolution called "la guerra del hambre" (the war of hunger). This made the world's dominant powers to use all their bacteriological and nuclear arsenals, causing the destruction of all animal and plant life, but not destroying all humanity. A selected group of corporative leaders, politicians and computer programmers, organized by the enigmatic figure of "elmaestro.com", created Satania, a world without violence, revolutions or the right of the people to think by themselves to create another option. Years passed in a world where reading was forbidden, sex was practiced in the "clean way" (virtually), oxygen was rationed, and society was slowly falling on itself. In Necropolis, the official capital of Satania, a group of "doubters" (people who were not conformed with digital life and with an automatic society) began the search of another way of life, based more on the spiritual ways, and running away from the advances that will lead to the destruction of the Earth. Bribing the biggest hacker in the zone, "alamierda.es" (toshit.es), with oxygen credit cards and the most powerful hallucinating drug that ever existed (which is, a video of notable moments of a game show), they search in the hard drive of "elmaestro.com" (themaster.com) for the reason why humanity reached that point.

They find a CD-ROM that narrates the story of Diego Cortéz, a swordsman that protects an enigmatic pilgrim from Puente La Reina to Santiago de Compostela, known to be the pilgrimage of the Way of St. James and they both make a long voyage of self-discovery. When they finally reach Santiago de Compostela the pilgrim kills Diego, after revealing he is Astaroth (the Devil). He then goes to the nearby church. To close the agreement, the Devil leaves a CD-ROM with an inscription on it, "You are in Satania, this is the end of the road!".

Disc one

  1. "Prólogo" (Prologue) - 1:59
  2. "Satania" (Satania) - 8:14
  3. "La Cruz de Santiago" (Santiago's Cross) - 5:19
  4. "La Danza del Fuego" (The Dance of Fire) - 5:13
  5. "Hasta que el cuerpo aguante" (As much as the body can stand) - 4:32
  6. "El Señor de los Gramillos" (The Lord of the Grams, pun on The Lord of the Rings in Spanish) - 4:59
  7. "Polla Dura no cree en Dios" ("Boner" does not believe in God) - 4:30
  8. "Maite Zaitut" (Basque" for I Love You") (cover of "Deu tu Ganeme" by Gwendal) - 3:20
  9. "Duerme... (Canción de cuna)" (Sleep... (Lullaby)) (cover of "Scarborough Fair", popularized by Simon & Garfunkel) - 4:29
  10. "Es hora de marchar" (It's Time To Go) (cover of "Rainbow Eyes" by Rainbow) - 5:03

Disc two

  1. "Fiesta Pagana" (Pagan Party) - 4:56
  2. "Él que quiera entender, que entienda" (He who wants to understand, may do so) - 7:27
  3. "Los renglones torcidos de Dios" (The Twisted Lines of God) - 6:31
  4. "La dama del amanecer (kelpie)" (The Lady of Dawn) (cover of "Kelpie" by Jethro Tull) - 4:50
  5. "Tres Tristes Tigres" (Three Sad Tigers) - 2:43
  6. "A Costa da Morte" (Galician for "The Coast of Death") - 3:34
  7. "La Santa Compaña" ("The Holy Company") - 5:34
  8. "Conxuro (da Queimada)" (Incantation) - 3:45
  9. "Astaroth" - 6:31
  10. "Finisterra" - 15:16


3La Cruz de Santiago5:19


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