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Fingerprints (album)

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Released  September 12, 2006
Length  55:37
Gold (2004)  Fingerprints (2006)
Release date  12 September 2006
Genre  Instrumental rock
Recorded  2006
Label  A&M, Polydor
Artist  Peter Frampton
Producer  Peter Frampton
Fingerprints (album) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenbb2Pet
Fingerprints (2006)  Thank You Mr. Churchill (2010)
Awards  Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Similar  Thank You Mr Churchill, Premonition, When All the Pieces Fit, The Art of Control, Somethin's Happening

Peter frampton black hole sun special

Fingerprints, released in 2006, is Peter Frampton's first instrumental album, and features guest appearances from friends and musical acquaintances, as well as Frampton's signature effect, the talkbox. It was his first album on A&M Records in 24 years.


Fingerprints won a Grammy in 2007 for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

Cornerstones peter frampton fingerprints

Track listing

  1. "Boot It Up" (Frampton, John Regan) (featuring Courtney Pine) - 3:27
  2. "Ida y Vuelta (Out and Back)" (Frampton, Shawn Fichter, Stanley Sheldon) (with Stanley Sheldon) - 3:23
  3. "Black Hole Sun" (Chris Cornell) (featuring Matt Cameron and Mike McCready) - 5:25
  4. "Float" (Frampton, Gordon Kennedy) (featuring Gordon Kennedy) - 4:03
  5. "My Cup of Tea" (featuring Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett) - 4:52
  6. "Shewango Way" - 3:19
  7. "Blooze" (featuring Warren Haynes) - 5:14
  8. "Cornerstones" (featuring Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman) - 3:13
  9. "Grab a Chicken (Put It Back)" - 3:53
  10. "Double Nickels" (featuring Paul Franklin) - 3:48
  11. "Smoky" - 4:51
  12. "Blowin' Smoke" (featuring Matt Cameron and Mike McCready) - 3:47
  13. "Oh When..." - 1:19
  14. "Souvenirs de Nos Pères (Memories of Our Fathers)" (featuring John Jorgenson) - 4:56


1Boot It Up3:29
2Ida Y Vuelta (Out and Back)3:24
3Black Hole Sun5:26


Fingerprints (album) Wikipedia

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