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Finding a Voice: A Benefit For Humans

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Recorded  1999
Release date  27 February 2003
Genre  Punk
Finding a Voice: A Benefit For Humans
Released  February 27, 2003 (2003-02-27)
Label  Repetitively Futile Records

Finding a Voice: A Benefit for Humans is a 36-band compilation to benefit People First, a national advocacy group for persons with developmental disabilities that has several Montana chapters. The photocopied booklet (on recycled paper) accompanying the CD explains the importance of People First and self-advocacy generally through several articles and a breakdown of where the proceeds go. The compilation is not endorsed by People First.

As for the music, Finding a Voice’s strongest suit is the snapshot it presents of the Missoula punk scene circa 1999. Comp coordinator Jeremy Rossman (aka Blimpie el Guapo) first started soliciting submissions from local, regional, and farther-afield bands around that year. Bands featured on the album from Missoula include: Humpy, The Sputniks, The Helltones, The Everyday Sinners, The Cleaners, Spanker and Sasshole. From surrounding Flathead County, Montana: Disgruntled Nation and The Vagrants. A partial list of bands from other areas: The Dread, Laceration, Oldmanhomo, Elmer, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, and Lopez (Portland, OR).

Originally intended as a double LP and long delayed by one thing or another, Finding a Voice was finally released in CD form in February, 2003. Many of the local bands were recorded in their basements, bathrooms and practice pads by John Brownell of the Oblio Joes on his portable eight-track. Brownell was owner and operator of Repetitively Futile Records, the label in charge of the compilation. Brownell stated on his label's page:

A benefit for the People First groups of Montana ... this 36 band compilation has been the bane of my existence. Originally to be released over 3 years ago and be the first RFR release, I fuked up with the finances and it has sat in my closet since. I'm sure most of the bands on this probably hate my fukn guts, but at least it will be out shortly. It's all mixed and ready to go, I just need to get the cash together to release it.


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