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Figure of nine loop

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Category  Loop
Typical use  Caving
Figure-of-nine loop
Names  Figure-of-nine loop, Figure-nine loop
Related  Figure-eight knot, Figure-of-eight follow through, Figure-of-eight loop, Stevedore knot

The figure-of-nine loop is a type of knot to form a fixed loop in a rope. Tied in the bight, it is made similarly to a figure-of-eight loop but with an extra half-turn before finishing the knot.

Also similar to the stevedore loop, the figure-nine loop is generally shown as being based on an intermediate form between the figure-eight knot and the stevedore knot. The Ashley Book of Knots shows this intermediate knot, in stopper form, as #521.

While it uses more rope and is bulkier than the figure-of-eight loop, the figure-nine loop is somewhat stronger and less likely to jam. It is sometimes used instead of a figure-of-eight loop to attach a rope to an anchor point or belay.


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