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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Cynipoidea
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
Suborder  Apocrita
Scientific name  Figitidae
Higher classification  Cynipoidea
Order  Hymenopterans
Figitidae 1
Similar  Hymenopterans, Cynipoidea, Insect, Eucoilinae, Leptopilina

Figitidae is a family of parasitoid wasps. The full diversity of this wasp family is not yet known, but about 1400 species have been described to over 130 genera. For example, the largest subfamily, Eucoilinae (previously considered as a separate family, the Eucoilidae), has over 1000 described species so far, but this is probably just a fraction of the total diversity. Figitid species occur throughout most of the world.

Figitidae Insects of Britain and Ireland Hymenoptera families Figitidae


As of 2011, there are 12 subfamilies.

  • Anacharitinae
  • Aspicerinae
  • Charipinae
  • Emargininae
  • Euceroptrinae
  • Eucoilinae
  • Figitinae
  • Mikeiinae
  • Parnipinae
  • Plectocynipinae
  • Pycnostigminae
  • Thrasorinae

  • Figitidae Figitidae emerging from Ephydridae Hexacola neoscatellae
    Figitidae Eucoilinae
    Figitidae wwwwaspweborgCynipoideaFigitidaeAspicerinaeA
    Figitidae Insects of Britain and Ireland Hymenoptera families Figitidae
    Figitidae Figitidae WaspWeb
    Figitidae Figitidae


    Figitidae Wikipedia

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