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Fight Back! (Oi Polloi album)

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Released  1994
Release date  1994
Genre  Anarcho-punk
Artist  Oi Polloi
Label  Campary Records
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Oi polloi fight back

Fight Back! is an anarcho-punk collection album, by the band Oi Polloi, with the Oi Polloi songs from the old splits with A.O.A. and Betrayed. This 1994 LP was released as a re-release of the old splits, but only with the Oi Polloi material.


Track listing

  1. Go Green
  2. You Cough/They Profit
  3. Punx Or Mice?
  4. Nuclear Waste
  5. The Only Release?
  6. Apartheid Stinx
  7. Boot Down The Door
  8. Americans Out
  9. Thugs In Uniform
  10. Pigs For Slaughter
  11. Rich Scumbag
  12. Never Give In


1Go Green4:29
2You Cough They Profit2:58
3Punx or Mice3:02


Fight Back! (Oi Polloi album) Wikipedia

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