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Ficus opposita

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Moraceae
Scientific name  Ficus opposita
Order  Rosales
Genus  Ficus
Rank  Species
Ficus opposita Ficus opposita
Similar  Sandpaper Fig, Ficus fraseri, Ficus pleurocarpa

Ficus opposita is one of several fig species commonly known as sandpaper figs. It is native to the Northern Territory and Queensland in Australia.Other common names include sweet sandpaper fig, sweet fig and the ambiguous "figwood" and "watery fig".

Ficus opposita Sandpaper fig Birds Eye Tree Ficus opposita

It grows as either a shrub or small tree. As the figs ripen, their colour changes from green to yellow to reddish-brown and finally, to black. The fruit is edible and palatable, tastier than most other fig species.

Ficus opposita FicusoppositaLeavesandFruitCP800x600jpg

It serves as a food plant for the caterpillars of the Queensland butterfly the common- or purple moonbeam (Philiris innotatus),

Ficus opposita Ficus opposita Archives The Figs of Australia

The leaves on this plant can treat skin infections such as tinea.

Ficus opposita Ficus opposita Archives The Figs of Australia
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Ficus opposita SGAP Townsville Ficus opposita


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