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Ferris Bueller (TV series)

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Composer(s)  Glenn A. Jordan
Final episode date  11 August 1991
5.5/10 IMDb

Genre  Sitcom
First episode date  23 August 1990
Network  NBC
Ferris Bueller (TV series) Opening Sequence for Ferris Bueller TV Show with Jennifer Aniston
Created by  John Masius John Hughes (characters, uncredited)
Written by  Mary Conley Michael J. Digaetano Lawrence Gay John Masius Steve Pepoon Paul B. Price Evan Smith Andy Tennant Rob Ulin
Directed by  Bill Bixby Steve Dubin Beth Rooney Hillshafer Jonathan Lynn Victor Lobl Arlene Sanford Andy Tennant Christopher T. Welch James Whitmore, Jr.
Starring  Charlie Schlatter Brandon Douglas Ami Dolenz Jennifer Aniston Richard Riehle Cristine Rose Sam Freed
Cast  Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Schlatter, Ami Dolenz, Richard Riehle, Cristine Rose

Ferris bueller tv show

Ferris Bueller is an American sitcom based on the 1986 John Hughes film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The show stars Charlie Schlatter in the title role. The series debuted on August 23, 1990, on NBC and was cancelled within its first season, a few months after its debut. The show was produced by Maysh Ltd Productions in association with Paramount Television.


Ferris Bueller (TV series) The Strange Time 39Ferris Bueller39s Day Off39 Became a Terrible TV Show

Hughes was not involved in the show's production and asked that his name not be used by Paramount Television to promote it.

Ferris Bueller (TV series) Ferris Bueller TV Series 19901991 IMDb

Ferris bueller tv series s01e01 pilot with download link


Ferris Bueller (TV series) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb2

Though based on the film, the series was not a canon continuation, rather it was set up to portray itself as being the "real life" situations upon which the film was loosely based. In the pilot episode, Ferris (Schlatter) refers to the film and expresses his displeasure at Matthew Broderick portraying him, even going as far as destroying a life-size cardboard cutout of Broderick with a chainsaw. However no further references to the film within the series' continuity would be made after this. As in the film, the series focused on Ferris Bueller and his high school experiences at Ocean Park High, including dealing with his best friend Cameron (Brandon Douglas), love interest Sloan (Ami Dolenz), and sister Jeannie (Jennifer Aniston).

Ferris Bueller (TV series) Jennifer Aniston Dated Ferris Bueller Show Costar Charlie Schlatter

Although the film was set in Chicago, the series was set in Santa Monica. Like the film, Ferris is liked by everyone as the "cool guy on campus." He is extremely popular, suave, quick witted and a master of ceremonies who often breaks the fourth wall. Cameron is still a depressive neurotic who, through Ferris, is able to loosen up occasionally. Sloan is portrayed slightly different in that she is not completely wrapped around Ferris' finger and has to be won over at times. Rooney is the primary antagonist and always out to get Ferris but usually ends up foiled or humiliated. His secretary, Grace, is not a wise-cracking sarcastic, but a passive pushover with an unreciprocated crush on Ed. Jeannie is constantly at odds with Ferris and his being favored by all. Though she can be antagonistic, she has proven not all bad, albeit begrudgingly. In the film, Mr. and Mrs. Bueller's names are Katie and Tom but in the series they are Barbara and Bob, as well as Ferris being a junior and Jeannie being a senior but as opposed to the other way around in the movie.


  • Charlie Schlatter as Ferris Bueller
  • Brandon Douglas as Cameron Frye
  • Ami Dolenz as Sloan Peterson
  • Jennifer Aniston as Jeannie Bueller
  • Richard Riehle as Principal Edward R. Rooney
  • Cristine Rose as Barbara Bueller
  • Sam Freed as Bob Bueller
  • Judith Kahan as Grace
  • Jeff Maynard as Arthur Petrelli
  • Jerry Tullos as Mr. Rickets
  • David Glasser as Dork
  • Brandon Rane as Wimp
  • Roy Brocksmith as Mr. Carter
  • Reception and cancellation

    The show received mostly negative reviews from critics. John J. O'Connor of The New York Times wrote that the version of Bueller portrayed by the "smirking" Schlatter "is likely to leave most viewers reaching instinctively for their wallets." Some critics considered Ferris Bueller one of the worst shows of the year.

    The series also suffered from comparison to a show with a similar concept that debuted on Fox the same month, Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Parker Lewis proved to be more successful, lasting three seasons.

    Ferris Bueller was broadcast on Monday nights with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, also in its first season, as a lead in. Ratings were strong at first but declined quickly in the following weeks. However, the show rated highly among viewers aged 12 to 17. The show was cancelled in December 1990, having ranked 57th in the ratings, and was replaced midseason with Blossom, which lasted five seasons. A leftover episode aired in August 1991.


    Ferris Bueller (TV series) Wikipedia

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