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Fernaldia pandurata

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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Apocynoideae
Scientific name  Fernaldia pandurata
Rank  Species
Family  Apocynaceae
Genus  Fernaldia
Higher classification  Fernaldia
Order  Gentianales
Fernaldia pandurata LorocoLoro BudFernaldia Pandurata Zoom39s Edible Plants
Similar  Pupusa, Curtido, Chipilín, Chicharrón, Quesillo

Fernaldia pandurata (common name: loroco [loˈɾoko]) is a vine with edible flowers, widespread in Mexico and Central America.

Fernaldia pandurata is an important source of food in El Salvador and Guatemala. The plant's buds and flowers are used for cooking in a variety of ways, including in pupusas.

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The name "loroco" is used throughout Mesoamerica to refer to Fernaldia pandurata.

Fernaldia pandurata is a herbaceous vine with oblong-elliptical to broadly ovate leaves 4–13 centimetres (1.6–5.1 in). long, 1.5–8 cm broad, inflorescences are generally somewhat shorter than the leaves, with 8–18 flowers, the pedicels 4–6 mm. long; bracts ovate, 1–2 millimetres (0.039–0.079 in) long; calyx lobes ovate, acute or obtuse, 2–3 mm. long; corolla white within, greenish outside.

Fernaldia pandurata Loroco Fernaldia Pandurata
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