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Ferdinando d' Aragona y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto

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Died  1542
Grandchild  Marcantonio Colonna
Predecessor  Ferdinand I of Naples
Parents  Ferdinand I of Naples
Grandfather  Alfonso V of Aragon
Ferdinando d' Aragona y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto
Children  Giovanna d'Aragona, Maria d' Aragona
Similar  Ferdinand I of Naples, Alfonso V of Aragon, Giovanna d'Aragona, Isabella of Clermont, Frederick of Naples

Ferdinando d' Aragona y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto (before 1494–1542), by king Charles I of Spain, was the eldest bastard son of king Ferdinand I of Naples and Diana Guardato, one of his mistresses.


The addition "Montalto de Aragón" is in remembrance of his grandfather, Alfonso V of Aragon.


Marriages and issue

Ferdinando was the 9th child of Ferdinand I of Naples. He first married Anna Sanseverino. The marriage was without issue. He then married, Castellana de Cardona, and had the following:

1) Antonio d'Aragona y Cardona?, 2nd Duke of Montalto, (*Naples, Italy, 1499/1506 - +Naples, Italy, 1543);

1st marriage: 1541, Ippolita della Rovere (1525–1561).


2nd marriage: Giulia Antonia de Cardona, Countess di Collisano

o 1.1. Pietro d'Aragona y de Cardona, 3rd Duke of Montalto, +after 1543

o 1.2. Antonio d'Aragona y de Cardona, 4th Duke of Montalto, (*1543 - +Naples, Italy, 1583);

1st marriage: at Naples, Italy, after 7 February 1562, Maria de la Cerda y Manuel, born 1542;

2nd marriage: Aloisia de Luna, Duchess of Bivona, deceased 1619; kids by 2nd marriage:

1.2.1) Maria d'Aragona y de Luna, 5th Duchesa of Montalto; she married, 1590, Sicilian Francesco de Moncada y de Luna, 3rd Prince di Paternò, deceased 1595.

Issue: The so-called Antonio de Aragón y Moncada, 6th Duke of Montalto (1589–1631), 4th Prince di Paternò, 5th Duke of Bivona, who married Juana de la Cerda y la Cueva, daughter of Juan Luis Francisco de la Cerda y Aragón, 6th Duke of Medinaceli. Notice he used first his mother family name and after his father family name, used sometimes in Spain with much influential and richer females at those times.

1.2.2) Bianca Antonia d'Aragona y de Luna

1.2.3) Ana Maria d'Aragona y de Luna;(+1677). She married Spanish-Portuguese General Francisco de Moura, 3rd Marquis of Castel Rodrigo, (1610 - 26 November 1675), Duke of Nocera on 10 August 1656, Viceroy of Sardinia, 1657–1661, and Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands, 1664-1668.

o 1 .3. Isabella d'Aragona y de Cardona, +31 August 1578; she married, 24 May 1565 Juan de la Cerda, 5th Duke of Medinaceli, (1544 - 5th Duke since 1575 - 29 May 1594).

2). Giovanna d'Aragona y Cardona?, (*1502 - divorced 1550 - +11 September 1575). She married Ascanio I Colonna, Duke dei Marsi, (1500 - 24 March 1557), brother of famous art and literary woman Vittoria Colonna, (Marino, Italy, April 1490 – Roma, Italy, February 1547) .

3) Maria d'Aragona, (*1505, +1568); married Alfonso d'Avalos d'Aquino, Marquess del Vasto e Pescara, (25 May 1502 - + Vigevano, Italy, 31 March 1546).

Maternal half-brothers/sisters of Ferdinando d'Aragona y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto

  1. G10. Maria d'Aragona y Guardato, (*1440 - +1460/61); married, 1458 Antonio Todeschini-Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, deceased 1493, nephew of Pope Pius II, a.k.a. Enea Silvio Piccolomini,(Corsignano, 1405 - Pope 1458 - Ancona, Italy, 1464).
  1. G11. Giovanna d'Aragona y Guardato, (*Naples, 1455 - +Rome, 1501) ; she married in 1472 Lionardo della Rovere, Duke of Sora (*1445 - +1475)


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